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Peaches & David thought they knew each other.

My arms lifted automatically to above my head as I held the table edge to give my body some help while it adjusted to its new position.

His hand gripped my right ankle to hold it steady whilst he secured it to the table leg. The softness of the ribbon caressed my skin as he worked, first wrapping the ribbon around my ankle and then around the wood, until the two were joined to his satisfaction.

"Not too tight, baby?" he asked. "Can you move your foot, still?"

"Yes," I replied, and wiggled my foot so he could see that I was telling the truth. He had bound me firmly but not tightly. The ribbon held my foot lovingly but securely, I would not be moving anywhere until he released me.

His warm hand captured my foot and moved firmly down over it, a trailing finger tickled deliciously at my instep.

"That tickles," I giggled.

His hand became more insistent and the tickling feeling subsided into a tantalising tingling. I heard the whimper of need escape from my lips just as I felt him remove his hand.

"Good girl," he praised, as he began to bind my other foot.

With my feet now both bound to the table legs, my thighs were stretched wide apart and I was again fully displayed to his marauding eyes. I sighed; my impatience to touch and be touched was rising with every passing second. My first orgasm had only slightly diminished the ache inside my body, I wanted so much more.

He rose and moved to stand beside my prone body. "You are beautiful," He murmured, almost to himself.

I turned my head slightly to look at him but his face was hidden in shadow. I could smell the heady scent of his musky aftershave as he bent to take my arm and pushed it gently into place by the nearest table leg. His touch prompted another moan from my lips; my body was on fire with need. He knelt beside me and I watched as he trailed the black velvet ribbon, first around my wrist and then the table leg. He turned his head and his eyes stared intently into mine as his lips brushed across my tied hand. The heat of his breath seared the palm of my tied hand as his tongue slid across it.

"I want you," He sighed. I swallowed, my throat was thickened with lust and I could only moan a reply.

I watched a smile flash across his face, and then he stood, moving out of my vision to cross to the other side of the table. I turned my head quickly to watch him capture my unsecured arm and tie that too.

"Let's make sure you're comfortable, angel." He grinned. "You are going to be there for a while."

He picked up a cushion from the chesterfield and tenderly lifted my head to place the cushion beneath it. His hand smoothed my blonde hair and, like a cat, I moved beneath his hand to better luxuriate in his touch. We exchanged a smile that held between us, as he stood and again moved from my view.

I tried to lift my head to see where he had gone but my arms were too securely tied to enable me to move to that extent. I could not hear his breathing anymore. Where was he? He would not leave me here, alone. Would he? The thoughts rushed through my head as I panicked that I was alone. The chill fear crept across my heated skin.

Then I heard him. My body relaxed again, he had not left me. He came to kneel at the side of the table, a glass of ruby red wine in his hand. He sipped as he gazed at me, and an indulgent smile played at the corners of his mouth.

"Are you thirsty?" He asked. I nodded my head in reply. He dipped two fingers into his wine and swirled them in the liquid. "Then I must remedy that."

His fingers, soaked with the wine, dripped across my cheek as he sought out my mouth. My tongue eagerly lapped the liquid from his skin. I felt a trickle of wine escape from my mouth and run across my cheek. He saw it also and bringing his lips to it, licked it away.

I wanted to grab his head and force his mouth over mine.