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Patrick takes advantage of Rachels Situation.

I imagined that she had, in fact, seen me looking at her, seen my cum-covered hand, and ordered me to lick my hand clean of the cum, something I'd never even thought of, let alone accomplished.

Be that as it may, that first time, and every time thereafter, I stroked myself to an intense orgasm and then hastily licked my hand clean of my shame, always thinking of how thrilling it would be to actually be acquiescing to Peggy's demand that I do so.

Peggy and I had both been honor students in high school and, coincidentally received full-boat scholarships to an Ivy League university. I intended to study biochemical engineering and Peggy also had an ambition to be a scientist.

While I had been considered a nerd, she had been universally viewed as a teen Goddess, voted Prom Queen at our Senior Prom.

This social disparity, however, was to come to an abrupt end one afternoon as I answered our telephone, shocked to hear Peggy's voice.

"Hi, Dave."

Peggy's cheerful greeting caught me by surprise and, I suppose, I stuttered a bit in responding.

"Oh, h-hi, Peggy."

"Stop over at my house tomorrow, Dave. Mom and Dad will be gone for the weekend and I want to talk to you about some things."

Peggy hadn't asked me if I could stop at her house nor if I wished to do so. Her statement had been nearly a command and I found it, of course, bordering on the erotic, given my recent fantasies involving the two of us.

"Sure, Peggy. Will one o'clock be okay?"

"I'll expect you then, Dave."

I was puzzled as to the invitation. I had never been in Peggy's house and only seen her backyard from my vantage point at my bedroom window.

I couldn't imagine what had prompted her to invite me over but I hadn't a doubt that I would take her up on her invitation.

At precisely one o'clock, after showering, putting on my favorite cologne, and dressing carefully in cargo shorts and a polo shirt, I was at Peggy's front door, ringing the bell, anxious to learn why I was here.

Peggy surprised me by meeting me at the door in her cheerleading uniform, a smile lighting up her pixie face, her petite body as alluring as any high school senior that ever lived - at least in my not-so-humble opinion.

I noticed, with surprise and delight, that she wasn't wearing a bra, her hardened nipples evident as they provided a tantalizing siren's song, drawing me into a web that I'd long dreamed of.

I found myself wondering if Peggy was without underwear under her skirt.

"Come on in, Dave. I'd like to sit out back by the pool. Can I get you some lemonade? Iced Tea? A beer? We have Bud and Heineken."

"A beer would be great Peggy but only if you're having one."

Grabbing two beers from the fridge, Peggy led the way through the French doors onto the pool's wide apron, a place that I'd only visited with my eyes, never having dreamed that I would ever set a foot on it.

"Sit down, Dave and I'll explain why I invited you over this afternoon. I want you to hold any questions until I'm done talking and I think most of your questions will be answered before I'm through."

I was intrigued as I took a seat on a cushioned lounge chair enjoying the feeling of the sun's warming rays, imagining Peggy here, nude, as she'd been on so many occasions.

"First, Dave, let me clear the air. Almost immediately after we moved here, I've watched you, watching me, both of us nude, me in the sunlight, you in the darkness of your room.

"As you've enjoyed the sight of my body - and the nude bodies of my friends - I've enjoyed seeing your testament to my body's perfection, watching as you jacked off, come in your hand, and licked your hand clean.

"I've imagined that you were doing this at my behest. At my orders. I've imagined you submissive to me. I've imagined your total submission to my authority, yielding to my orders, learning strict obedience to my desires.

"I've watched you surreptitiously, at school and around the neighborhood.