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A perfect union.

We went downstairs and then again down other stairs to the basement. There was a room off the laundry room that had a padlocked door. Mistress Arlene unlocked the padlock and opened the door. Inside was a room that looked like a doctor's office. It had medical cabinets with supplies in them, two exam tables, and an assortment of whips, chains, paddles and other discipline items hung on hooks on the wall. The exam tables had stirrups on them, like you would see in a gynecologist's office. They were arranged facing each other. The people laying on them would be able to see the other person to observe each other being examined.

"Both of you get up on a table and drape your legs over the stirrups" barked Mistress Jenna. Lauren and I both got onto a table and put our legs in the stirrups. I could see Lauren's panty covered pussy perfectly. That was obviously the intention of the setup. She could clearly see between my legs as well. For the first time, I noticed that the panties that Lauren was wearing must have been from an intimate attire outfit, because the crotch was the same single layer material as the rest of the panties ... not cotton crotch. I could see her pubic hair and pussy lips through the thin material. I could also see, what I was sure was wetness from her desire. My cock twitched.

"Let's get that catheter out of your she-cock" muttered Mistress Jenna. I noticed the other Domme's had taken seats that were set up. The subbies had their backs to us and were in the process of licking their Domme's pussies. Wow, that was an exciting view. Lauren in stirrups in front of me, the Domme's having their pussies serviced and then I saw Mistress Arleen, playing with herself. She had no one to service her, so she took care of herself. I loved to see her masturbating ... her wet pubic hair glistened as her fingers moved in and out.

Mistress Jenna released the air in the balloon that held the catheter in my cock and pulled it out, rather quickly. She disconnected it from the tubing that connected it to the leg bag and tossed it into the trashcan. She removed the leg bag. "Let's not waste this piss ... I think you should drink it, sissyboy."

She positioned the drain tube over my mouth, and then inserted it between my lips. My cock was burning from the removed catheter. She opened the clamp and the piss flooded my mouth. Without hearing the order, I gulped it down. I knew better than to let any of it escape my lips. It was vile tasting. Very strong and it was luke warm. I was not enjoying it at all.

As I drank my piss, I noticed that Mistress Jenna was stroking Lauren's cunt through her panties. Lauren was slightly squirming and I noticed that the crotch of her panties were now soaking wet. My cock sprang to attention.

"Getting aroused by your niece again, huh ... sissyboy ... uncle sissyboy! That's sick. Very very sick. Let's see what we can do to get some control of that, what do you call it, clittiecock?"

She walked over to a cabinet and carried over a bag and an electrical device with knobs and gauges. I never saw anything like it before. She removed a few eerie looking devices and laid them out on the table between us. She took several sets of wires with connectors on the ends and laid them on the table as well.

"I have a few little devices here that I will use on both you, sissyboy and your neice, simultaneously. There is a male and female version of each. How they are used will become evident quite soon."

She walked over to Lauren and gave her a kiss on her lips. She lingered in a long tongue kiss as her hand went down to Lauren's crotch ... again rubbing it through her panties. My cock jerked again. I heard moaning around me as the Domme's were all in heightened states of arousal. My nipples began to harden and my cock was rock hard. It still burned from the catheter.

Mistress Jenna then removed Lauren's panties.