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When I wanted speak to Madeleine, Alexander said that mom and grand dad was down to the reception in some errand, why I said that mom can call if she wants to later. She didn't call and obviously didn't had anything to say me. I suspected that Rupert, the teetotaler and his daughter had sneaked away to the hotel bar for some secret drinks.

No further phone calls from Madeleine during their trip and back home at Sunday evening. For some reason she began arguing about Madeleine's accident,

"I thought you could look after the children for a few hours at Thursday evening but obviously that is too much to expect from you."

"Not even you could watch a child at every minute. When trouble happened I reacted quickly and properly. Sorry I had to disturb you in your fun activities. Anyways, many thanks for interrupting whatever important things you were doing and coming to the hospital." I replied and for a split second I saw a feared look in her face what meant that my words had hit the right target.

She shouted, "What the hell did you mean by that?"

"Just what I said, I'm glad that our children still are more important for both of us than our other interests." That reply ended the arguing.

Monday and Tuesday went fast without any further arguing from Madeleine but even without any attempts about sex from any of us.

The main question in my situation when knowing for sure that my wife intended to cheat me was; shall I give her a hint about knowing what's going on so she can cancel her plans.

After much thinking forth and back I decided it only fair to give Madeleine a warning what could save our marriage if she cared to do that. Before going to bed at Wednesday evening I told her, "There are rumors about warm feelings between you and somebody who is going to the same seminar as you are. If this marriage means anything to you and you want to remain married with me, please skip all intentions about fucking anyone there.

Madeleine reacted much harder than expected and shouted, "You must turned crazy and don't dare to touch me tonight."

I got the last word by saying, "Don't worry, you are back to your old self, so I have no temptations in that."

She left for her conference early Thursday morning and during my lunch break I went to the Court office for divorce papers. Back home I checked her drawer and just as expected, her condom box was gone.

Now the only important question would be; Did they go for it immediately after they got

their rooms or had they so tight agenda that there were no spare time available for such pleasures. If so, they had to wait until after the dinner at the evening. My guess was late in the evening because I'm sure that they even went to the bar for some chat with other participants. Also did they have the lights out, because the longer they went not knowing about the ink, the more it would get spread around. You can be sure I took no pleasure in the end of my marriage, but I was taking some great pleasure in their coming embarrassment.

Rupert used to take night rather early during the weekdays, why I switched my landline phone over to forward to his number. No harm if his slight boozed and very angry daughter gave him a wake up call with frantic shouting when she thought that it was me, or me who pretended to be Rupert.

My cell phone was sat to vibrating mode so it wouldn't disturb neither me or the children. But

it was laid on my nightstand where it began to vibrate at about half past eleven and did so every tenth minute for the next hour and a half.

Before my children and I left the house next morning, I switched back the land line phone and listened to some of the voice mail messages on my cell phone.

I could hardly say that my marriage was a happy marriage that day.