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There's more than just clothing there.

The whole scene caused me to stop in my tracks and reconsider my decision. This looked dangerous and my excitement began to turn to fear.

I was just about to turn and leave when Tyler walked in. His warm smile and friendly greeting a stark contrast to the setting.

"Welcome, welcome," he enthused. "What do you think of our little set? A bit on the dark and sinister side no? Ah but don't worry, it's all just fun and games. Right?"

Yes. It's all just fun and games, I thought to myself. A lone woman standing in a makeshift dungeon, about to let 3 relative strangers restrain her and do God only knows what to her, including, in all probability, fuck her while her husband is away for the weekend. Fun and games indeed. Another slight shiver of dread passed through me but as it stoked my fear, it also stoked my arousal and I felt my center melting again.

"Today's going to be a little different," Tyler announced. "Go stand over there with your back to that wall," he continued indicating the back wall of the set.

I did as he directed and felt rather silly just standing there wondering what was going to happen next when Andrew and Rory walked in carrying what looked like electric drills. Just as I was beginning to freak out wondering what they were going to do with the drills. They each walked over to the crate, picked up some fittings and pipe and moved towards me.

"No ropes today," Andrew announced. "Today we secure you with these metal pipes and fittings. It allows us to be very creative with positions and access. Now, back up against the wall and spread your legs just a bit wider please."

As I moved into position. Andrew and Rory each bent to a leg and screwed a bracket into the wall beside my ankle. They quickly installed metal pipe into the bracket and just like that my legs were secured.

"Hands down by your sides please." More brackets, more pipe and my hands were locked in. This was so different from the other times. There had been no discussion of what was to come. No warning of what they intended to do. Just a series of commands for me to follow. With only my hands and feet firmly locked in place, I still had some mobility to lean my upper body forward away from the wall. That was remedied when they screwed two brackets beside my ears and fixed a pipe across my mouth.

Mercifully, this one had been wrapped in foam padding because I was directed to open wide as the pipe was pushed firmly back between my lips and fastened in place. With the pipe filling my mouth I could not form any intelligible words.

"UNG...GNGU...MMGG," I tried, as I felt hands beginning to move up my body towards my breasts.

With my head fixed tight against the wall I could not see downwards except by moving my eyes, and I could just barely see that it was Rory who was now feeling me up through my clothes. I tried to move, to twist away, but although I had some mobility in my body, my head, hands and feet were firmly locked in position severely limiting how far I could squirm.

The next thing I saw was Andrew moving towards me with a scissors and I began to panic. This was no longer exciting, it was dangerous. Was he going to cut me? I tried to scream, but the padded pipe in my mouth strangled my cries.

"STAY STILL," Andy warned firmly. "I don't want to cut off your nipple."

An icicle of panic shot through my body as I stopped struggling and stood stock still. I could not see, but I felt my top being pulled away from my body and then heard the snip of the scissors, immediately followed by cool air on my exposed breast. Rory immediately attacked my exposed nipple squeezing and twisting it into a hard point. I groaned into the foam as his attack caused my pussy to start to leak again. Pull, snip, attack. Soon Rory had both my nipples standing at full attention in the cool air.

By now the foam in my mouth was saturated with my saliva and a thin line had begun to run down my chin onto my chest.