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Love goes the extra mile.

"I have a hunch you don't get anything like this from your husband when he IS around, do you Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked.

Although the mention of her husband made her feel guilty, she had to admit that Paul's cock was nothing like Henry's. Henry's cock was a little on the small side, about the same thickness as Paul's but that's where the comparison ended. Rose guessed that Henry had about five or six inches, whereas this thing of Paul's had to be twice that long. It wasn't that Henry was out of the ordinary though, it was Paul that was the freak.

Henry was also uncircumsized, which Rose did not care for at all. She had always said that if they ever had a boy, the first thing she would do was make sure his thing got clipped.

Now this cock of Paul's was something you could wrap your lips around, Rose thought. She wondered how much of that she would be able to take in her mouth, maybe about half with luck Rose figured. His balls were also outrageously large, his long wrinkled sack dangling loosely between his legs, his nuts seemingly as big as eggs.

Paul lifted Cathy's head off his cock, which seemed to have gotten even larger still under Cathy's urgings, and had taken on a pinkish glow to its former pale color.

"Want a taste, Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked, moving over to Rose.

Rose opened her mouth and took in the plum sized head, tasting the musky seminal fluid that dribbled from the tip. Rose leaned forward to try to take more of the cock but Paul moved back over to Cathy.

"Your turn will come Mrs. Blaine, just be patient" Paul said slyly. "There's plenty for everyone."

"There sure is, Mrs Blaine" Cathy offered before going back to sucking his tool. "I tried to measure it the last time we were together but I couldn't tell how long it was because I only had a twelve inch ruler and it was bigger than that" Cathy said breathlessly, before returning to his member.

"Oh, stop bragging on me Cathy" Paul said blushing and loving every word. "It was only an inch or two longer than the ruler" Paul said while running his hands through the redhead's curly locks. "Hey, what can I tell you? I was blessed, and I feel it's my responsibilty to share it with as many beautiful ladies as I possibly can" Paul said smugly.

"Have you ever fucked a guy with a fourteen inch cock, Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked with curiousity, not waiting for an answer. "I bet you've dreamed about it though. Ever have a cock this big in your mouth before? Ever feel a cock this size in your pussy Mrs. Blaine?

Rose shook her head no, as Cathy sucked even more furiously on Paul's cock, her tiny fists wrenching and jerking the shaft as she did.

"How about your ass, Mrs. Blaine? Do you like to get fucked in the ass? Imagine how nice it would feel for me to slide this thing into your tight ass. Imagine my balls slapping against you as I fucked your tender little asshole. Take your hand from between your legs won't you please Mrs. Blaine? You'd like that wouldn't you Mrs. Blaine, me fucking you in the ass with this thing, right?" Paul questioned.

Rose hadn't realized she had been touching herself all this time, so engrossed was she in observing.

"No, I couldn't do that," Rose said shaking her head with absolute certainty, "you're uh... way too big to do that. I... I couldn't."

"You've taken it up the ass before though, haven't you Mrs. Blaine?" Paul asked.

"Uh... yes, but... I couldn't with... not with you. It's too... way too much" Rose stammered while gazing at Paul's cock as if hypnotized.

"Well, we'll see about that" Paul said, and with that he pulled Cathy up on the bed and burrowed his head between her legs, parting the fine fur with his tongue. Paul was on all fours with his back to Rose, giving Rose an exquisite view of his balls swinging wildly between his legs.

After a minute Paul got up on his knees and swung Cathy around so that Rose could see from the side as he put his cock at Cathy's opening and slowly eased it in.

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