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Making sure he got an ample view of her cleavage, Gemma adding syrup to his omelette the way he liked it.

As he ate, Gemma nonchalantly slid her feet up his leg and he swallowed while raising his head to look at her. Gemma to eat and look around innocently so he said nothing as her delicate toes danced over his crotch.

In seconds, his pants were at his ankles and his head was swimming, his mother's feet a blur as they slid up and down his young cock. Despite the pace, Gemma carried on eating as if nothing was happening.

"Mommy!!" he shouted, just before rushed her plate near his cock, letting his thick young jizz paint her omelette and bacon. After a long orgasm, she smiled as her son lay his head back reeling in the aftermath of his hard orgasm.

- -

After washing dishes, Gemma retreated to her bedroom, holding a small pillow over her body as she frantically fucked herself with her dildo.

"Yes Danny! Fuck me!!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, imagining her son's eager young cock sliding in and out of her at a rapid pace. She cried out as she began to cum, not slowing down her thrusting.

Once her orgasm subsided, she moved the dildo between her tits before sucking off her juices. From the purposely left crack in the door, she could see Danny, vigorously tugging his penis.

"Soon baby," she whispered, "soon."

- -

"Jerking off with you, huh?" Marie asked as she and Gemma chatted in the kitchen, "I don't get why you don't just fuck him already."

"Because Marie," Gemma replied, trying to keep her voice low, "I need to be sure I want to. I know incest can have a major change on a person, especially my own son. I don't even know why I'm having these feelings toward him."

"Because you love him," Marie replied, "You need someone to fill the role that Bill isn't."

Gemma looked away, knowing Marie was right. But would she really go that far?

Sensing her apprehension, Marie sighed. "Alright, I'll be home by myself tonight anyway. How about you decide what you want to do and I'll take Dan to my house?"

Gemma drummed her fingers on the counter. She would be able to think better if the idea of her son's cock in the next room wasn't going through her mind.

"Alright," Gemma consented, "But you are not to touch him."

"Agreed," Marie said.

- -

As Dan ate his PB&J, Marie thought to herself. If Gemma did go through with it, her and Dan's lives would never be the same. But she could tell the feelings they had wouldn't easily go away.

Finally, about 2 hours later, the phone rang.

"Yes?" Marie said pleasantly, already knowing.

"I'm ready," was all Gemma said before hanging up.

- -

After Dan walked inside, he saw all the lights were out in the house.

Except one.

In his parent's room.

"Mommy?" he asked, walking slowly to the door, "is everything okay?"

His mouth dropped open as he walked in, seeing her mother naked except for pantyhose with a white fringe. She squeezed her boobs and nodded.

"Come on over sweetie," she said softly, "it was so hot I thought I'd take off my clothes. You'd better do it too baby."

Dan wasted no time stripping to his underwear, wet with precum, his hard penis throbbing with need.

"Come on over Danny..." she whispered to him and he hopped up next to her. She smiled lovingly and kissed his forehead as she pulled down his underwear, shuddering with lust as his leaking cock poked out.

"Are we going to play our game mommy?" Dan asked to which she nodded.

"But this time," she said, "we going to play a little differently. Do you want to?"

He nodded happily and she moved down to his crotch, blowing softly on his wet cock head. It had been years since she'd willingly sucked a cock, hating to do it for her husband.

But now, she could think of nothing else. Dan watched as his mother's mouth opened, her tongue flicking across his head. As her mouth reached his back, she began to suck.

"MOMMY!!!!" Dan shouted, clenching the bedsheets in his small hands.