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He put an arm around the curve of her hip and pulled her close, the side of her breast brushing against his upper arm.

"I don't know what's come over me," mumbled Anna as Ted helped her onto the tatty old couch he kept in his office. As she sat down her skirt rode up her creamy thighs quite a way, but she was too distracted to pull it down.

"Probably the heat Miss Smith," said Ted, eyeing her long legs and the large swell of her full bosom in the blouse she wore.

"Yes," nodded Anna, fanned her hand in front of her face, "You're right again. And please call me Anna," she added. Ted's eyes went wide as Anna unfastened the top two buttons of her blouse to cool off a little. This exposed a little of the upper swells of her generous breasts.

"Would you like a glass of water or something Anna?" asked Ted, noticing her kick off her high heeled shoes. The movement once again attracted his attention to her shapely legs.

"Yes please," nodded Anna, she found herself looking hard at the janitor. He was about a sixty year old black man, yet for some reason she couldn't even begin to explain she felt herself attracted to him. She liked the way he looked at her exposed legs and cleavage, and she noticed the sizeable bulge between his legs. In her experience what they said about black men's packages was 100% true. Anna licked her lips seductively as he got her a glass of water, she then flicked her hair out of her face, both movements were unconsciously aimed to incite the interest of the older black janitor.

As Ted handed the water to the lovely relief teacher her hand slipped and the glass tipped over, spilling it's contents all over Anna's white blouse. She gave a shriek of surprise as the cold water splashed over her chest, instantly soaking the thin cotton and making it almost transparent. Ted's eyes were immediately glued to her chest, where the wet material clung to her ample curves, leaving little to the imagination as his eyes feasted on her large breasts and hard nipples.

"Ahh shit! Sorry," stammered Ted, "Ahh..give me the top and I'll put it over the boiler, should be dry within quarter of an hour."

"Good idea Ted," nodded Anna, sitting forward on the couch and unbuttoning her blouse without a care for modesty. Ted's eyes went wide as saucers as Anna peeled off the blouse, beneath she wore a relatively skimpy bra from which her massive boobs bulged impressively. Anna handed Ted her blouse and then glanced down at her bra which was also soaked. "Oh crap, this is wet as well." Before Ted could say anything further Anna reached behind her and unhooked her bra, peeling the wet lace from her breasts so that she was sitting topless in front of him.

"Oh wow," murmured Ted softly as he took Anna's clothes from her, his eyes never leaving her large naked tits. The janitor licked his lips and moved across the room, hanging her blouse and bra above the water heater.

Anna smiled seductively at the janitor, noticing the swelling between his legs growing even further as he gazed at her topless body. Ted, knowing a great opportunity when he saw one, moved over to the closet door and locked it before heading back over to sit beside the topless teacher on the couch. Anna patted his thigh as he sat down, almost making him jump out of his skin in surprise, Ted's penis was a steel pole.

"Are you still hot?" asked Ted, his eyes dropping to her bare breasts as he spoke.

"Not anymore," said Anna, her hand unconsciously rubbing higher on Ted's leg. Although she didn't realize what she was doing, Ted was painfully aware of the fact her warm hand was only a few inches from his swelling crotch. "In fact I'm feeling much better," said Anna, "Thank you Ted," she continued, her hand edging higher.

"Oh God," groaned the old janitor as Anna's hand slid right up between his legs, cupping the throbbing bulge of his crotch.