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The room curved out, where a

window might be was instead a wall of water - a tank full of tropical fish. In that part was a luxurious sofa area, drapped in expensive fabrics.

Yanus smiled at Pyre's expression and made her way to the sofa area. "It is true, we do like our creature comforts."

"I see that..." Pyre said, following her lead and taking a seat beside her on one of the sofas. "So... What is it you wanted to discuss." Pyre asked softly. "You have your friend back..."

"Hardly a friend Captain." She picked up a bottle open on the table and went to pour two glasses. "An unfortunate acquaintance that I have to clean up after... I just wished to make sure that you didn't harbour any ill will over the matter - after all, what he did... I cannot apologise enough." She smiled and handed him a glass.

He took it then looked at her and set it back down, she laughed and took a sip of her own. "Will you not trust me even a little?" Seeing his look she continued. "No of course not, not after Nniol's behaviour.". She set her glass down and gave him a serious look. "You must know that his kidnap of Commodore Carter was not sanctioned by our government - in fact he would have been better off left to rot in your brig... This will harm any chances we ever had of extraditing agent Carter."

Pyre smiled sweetly. "Can't say I'm too sad about that.".

"Oh I see..." Yanus raised an eyebrow and gave a wicked smile. "I have read Nniol's report though... Carter is an... Interesting woman. And by no means friendless. It was obvious from the information Nniol extracted from her that someone would come for her. When she slept she was given to crying out, a Hawk? It was presumed he was a friend and colleague. And your name of course - you were all at the academy I presume."

"I can give you my name, rank and serial number if you like." Pyre grinned.

Yanus smiled back. "Do not worry Captain, take any questions as rhetorical." She knew he had no intention of adding to the information she already had.

Pyre smiled. "So then..." He was trying to think of things to discuss, the longer he kept her off the ship the better chance his away teams had.

Yanus smiled. "Anxious to get back to your ship Captain?" She misinterpreted his expression. "Are you that hostile towards my people sir?" Her tone was light. She ran a now un-shoed foot up his lower leg.

Pyre raised an eyebrow. He never had understood Romulans.

Yanus laughed. "Please Captain, at least let me try and rebuild interstellar relations.". She moved closer and played a hand lightly across the back of his


Pyre looked at her with a sly grin. "You're worried that we're going to snitch on Nniol... Don't worry Commander, this I can tell you, we won't be thinking about him any time soon.". He didn't want to seem too eager to stay but she had given him the ideal way in which to keep her from the ship.

"In that case..." She went to move away, but he grabbed her hand and looked at her with a grin. "What about those interstellar relations?"

Yanus smiled. "Captain, how very un-starfleet of you.." She hadn't really expected him to take her up on her offer, most fleet types declined politely.

"I have a very strict no fraternization policy on my ship, and being the CO I don't get to leave her much..." He spoke as he pulled her nearer.

Yanus couldn't help but respond, pressing her chest to his as she was pulled into his lap. "I can't say I suffer from the same problem."

Pyre grinned. "Damn lucky for you." He began to nip at her neck.

"I think so..." She agreed breathlessly as she shifted in his lap so that she was straddling him. She gasped a little as his hands snaked under her light tunic and up to her breasts.

Pyre moaned as she squirmed in his lap. His tongue slipped into her mouth, as his hands went to her back to pull her tight to him.

Yanus pulled back to catch her breath. "So sad you are so terribly restricted on your ship...". She stood and slowly peeled off her clothes, her back to him, looking at him over her shoulder.

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