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Getting in to it.

I looked around, hoping I could maybe find his sleeping bag. But everyone was starting to grumble at our talking while they tried to sleep. Fuck.

"My sleeping bag pretty big," I said. "We can... I don't know. I guess we can sleep inside it together."

"Our clothes are soaked, Jack. We're going to get hypothermia if we sleep together in soaking clothes."

"I don't know, Alec," I sighed, kind of worried what to do to keep him from getting sick in the night.

"I have an idea," he said. "I'll be right back."

He left to the bathroom for a few minutes before returning. Naked. Completely naked. He walked up to me. The moonlight didn't show everything, but it showed enough. Nothing I hadn't seen before, though, in the locker room. Just wasn't sure what he was doing.

"Strip down," he said and threw me his towel. "Dry off."

"What?" I said with another avoidant chuckle.

"Our bodies warm up far better if we're touching skin-to-skin. I know it's weird, but we will just warm up tonight and wake up early to get dressed before anything notices. Trust me. This beats the alternative."

I looked at the towel in my hand, and then back at his tiny penis resting against his balls.

"Fine," I muttered in the dark.

I removed my clothing and dried off using the towel, trying to soak up every last cold drop. I stood there, naked, still shivering. My penis was definitely a shower. It laid well below my balls.

I crawled into my sleeping bag, and whispered to Alec that he could get in.

"Face away from me," I quickly said.

He got in, butt first, and snuggled against my body. The instant warmth of his body was a god-send, and I wanted nothing more than to reach around and pull him closer. He zipped the bag up and kept pushing his back against my chest.

We were packed in the single sleeping bag tight. Our legs touched. Our upper bodies touched. My nose buried deep into his hair. And my penis pressed against his butt.

He squirmed a little and reached behind him.

"Your dick keeps poking me in the ass. It's uncomfortable, man." Alec reached for my cock, and before I could flinch from the surprise, he swiftly pulled it up with one hand, and spread his butt cheeks with the other hand, nestling my cock between both his cheeks. "There. Much more comfortable."

"Are you kidding me?" I asked. I had a hard time resisting, one because I had no where to move, and two because his butt cheeks kept my dick warm.

"Don't worry. We'll wake up before everyone else and get out of the sleeping bag."

It was weird being in the bag together. He was smaller than me, so I kept acting out the urge to wrap my leg around his and bring him deeper into me, but I'd catch myself in the act and push back a little.

"Can I ask one more favor before we go to sleep?" Alec said.


Alec sighed. His body moved with his breath, rubbing against my body. "You have your back against the bag, and my body against your chest, but I have nothing on my chest. I'm freezing! And I read the chest is the most important part of the body to keep warm. Do you think... do you think you could just rub my chest with your hand to warm me up?"

"I..." His body shivered against mine. To be honest, I was already warming up with him against me, but he must have had still been cold. I took a deep breath of his hair-which smelt like man and lake-and reached over with my right arm.

I placed it flat against the bottom of his neck, and held it there, feeling the smoothness of his skin. Then I ran it down his tight pecks, feeling the little bump of his erected nipple. I lowered it down to his flat stomach. He flinched a little at the touch.

"It tickled," he whispered.

My hand slowly ran back up his chest, rubbing against his other nipple.

"Faster," he said with a breath.

As if I'm washing my body, I run my hand up and down his chest, feeling the grove around his pecks, and the small muscles growing under his stomach.