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The head of the driver of the blue Ford jerked and seemed to expand, and the right side of the windshield turned all red. Then he slumped and came to rest leaning against the driver's door. Immediately the picture was filled with men in state police uniforms, all running toward the blue Ford. The first one to reach the car opened the left rear door and reached in to help the most beautiful girl in the world out of the car, onto the pavement. He said something to her, and she turned her face up toward the helicopter and waved.

I really don't remember what happened right after that. Tim told me that I yelled "Yes!" and pumped my fist in the air, and then turned to him and collapsed into his arms, crying like a little kid. I do know that he helped me into my office and went out and closed the door. I had just finished a prayer of thanks when Vince came in and sat down in one of my visitor chairs. He looked anxiously at me, yet he was smiling. I do remember saying to him, "Please help me get up and go back to the interview room."

I stepped into the room and everybody stopped talking and looked at me. I said, "I want to tell you all, and all the people who worked on this rescue, that this is the greatest thrill of my life. My Janice is safe, and you all did it. Every one of you, tell your coworkers this: if you ever need anything that I can do for you, I'm your best friend in the world. Thanks again." And then they were all coming over to me, to shake my hand, pat me on the back, lay a hand across my arm, grab my shoulder, anything to show that they understood. I knew that they'd do it all again if they had to.

It wasn't until almost seven that night that I got to hold my Jan. She had been interviewed on the site, checked there by paramedics, and then flown back into town on helicopter one with the commander. The helicopter set down in a parking lot a block from the Sheriff shop, and I was there to greet her. She and I both hugged so tight that she was gasping for breath when we backed off. "Oh, Jack, I don't want you ever to be farther away from me than this."

"I feel the same way. Were you scared?"

"I was so scared that I thought I'd pee my panties. And then I was more afraid that I'd do that than I was of anything that awful man said he'd do to me, so I just kept squeezing my legs together and that gave me something real to concentrate on."

"What did you and the commander say to each other on the way back?"

"He said that you'd just done him a big favor, and he was surprised that he could return it so soon afterward. He told me that I was very brave, and he felt bad that it was a gang of his own men that had terrorized us like this. Then I asked him why he had taken over and fired that shot himself. He said that he has an excellent SWAT team, but he is also very good with their sniper rifles, and he knew just exactly where he wanted to place that bullet. Then he said it had got personal with him and it just felt right to end it himself, and to save my life as a way to show his gratitude to us for exposing those bad cops. He's really a good guy, so imposing with his height, but so real and so human. Oh, he said he and his wife are coming to the wedding. Then I asked him for a favor."

"What kind of a favor?"

"Well, it seemed as if he was rescuing me from those crooked cops so I could marry you.

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