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Lily had just turned 18 two days ago. To celebrate, her friends had taken her to a popular nightclub. A quiet girl, she went along with her friends though she wasn't a drinker. By 3am, her friends were all wasted. Disappointed and bored, Lily had left the club alone, deciding to take a shortcut through an industrial area.

Lily was half Asian, half Caucasian. 5'5, 120lbs. Her C cup breasts were perfect globes topped with puffy pink nipples. She had lost her virginity two months prior to a classmate who lasted two minutes. A group of men taking turns fucking her was to be her second experience with sex. She had left the club wearing a tight black dress that hugged her curves. The thin fabric stretched across her supple ass, a low cup showed the top of her tits. The dress was now hiked up around her waist; her tits had been pulled out of her dress, her panties had disappeared.

"ahh, ahh, ahh..."

The tip of the man's large penis smashed into her cervix with each thrust, sending a jolt of pain through her body. Lily knew she was being raped, but her loins were warm, and her pussy was wet. Sweat covered her forehead. The man grabbed her legs, folded her in half and continued to fuck her. Lily came quietly, her pussy clenching his cock like a tight glove. The man grunted as he fucked her brains out. She could feel every inch of him as his cock filled her up completely. He tilted his hips and thrust down into her, fucking her into the ground.


Her attacker roared as he came, releasing her legs. She looked down to see the man unsheathe his large member from her petite body. He stood over her and stroked his cock, spraying jizz all over her tits and stomach, breathing hard. She saw him walk away, his shaft still hard and glistening with her juices. Before she could recover, Lily was flipped on her stomach. She felt someone pull her hair from behind. She got on her hands and knees instinctively. A cock entered her from behind. She had lost count of how many times she had been fucked. She knew there were at least three men. Maybe four. Hands mauled her ass, squeezing the soft and tender flesh. The man behind her plunged his cock deep into her pussy and held it there.

"Open up."

As Lily raised her head, the man inside her pussy slapped her ass, hard. A penis entered her mouth. She could taste the residue of cum and knew this dick had already enjoyed her. The two men began to fuck her in unison, one sliding in as the other slid out. Lily moaned around the cock in her mouth and he began to rub the head of his cock against the inside of her cheek. The man behind he began to ream her pussy in earnest.

"Yea... Tight little slut..."

Lily's pussy began to respond to the pounding. She felt her sweet walls massage and squeeze her assailant. Her pussy lips clung to his shaft greedily. A mixture of semen and her own juices dripped onto the floor. Lily viewed the entire experience as if from outside her body. They hadn't listened when she said no. The men had overpowered her easily, pulled up her dress, and began taking turns with her. In a different world, she would have found the situation extremely hot.


He continued to pump her pussy as he came, his balls slapping her clit with each thrust. A single tear rolled down her eye as she felt him shoot ribbons of hot spunk deep into her womb. The man in front began to slide more of his cock into her mouth. She was forced to breathe from her nose as his tip hit the back of her throat.

"Don't cry, little girl."

He said, grinding his pubes into her nose. He withdrew his cock from her throat. Lily gasped for air.

"Tomorrow will be a different day, but tonight your just our little slut."

The man reached under her to grab her tits, squeezing each ne. He moved behind her. She could feel him position the tip of his dick at the entrance of her pussy.

"What are you tonight?"

Hands roamed her body, feeling every inch of her. Fingers pinched and rolled her hard nipples.

"I asked you a question."

He plunged his entire