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It was around ten or so when he logged into his Earth android. He heard Silvia out in the living room on the couch and made a little noise so she'd know he was here.

"Hey Ted," she called out sounding a bit distracted.

She was working on something, and he stepped behind her and started to massage her shoulders from behind the couch. She sighed and rolled her neck.

"That feels really good Ted. Good morning."

He replied softly, "Good morning," and told her about the progress in the city, and the more solid ready date for the city's completion that he'd been given by Trudy yesterday.

She sighed in pleasure and leaned her head forward as she said in a tender voice, "I missed you yesterday, but that's probably a good thing."

He chuckled, "You discovered my evil plan," he said lightly as he continued to massage the knots out of her shoulders and neck.

She turned and pouted up at him when he stopped the massage and walked around to join her on the couch. He gave her a light kiss, and then grabbed her legs and turned her sideways so her feet were on his lap.

Her pout immediately disappeared, and a soft sigh left her slightly parted lips as he started to massage her feet.

"So tell me about your brother."

She sighed, "Sam will be thirty in a couple of months. Still lives at home, as I've said before he's paralyzed from the chest down. Spends most of his time at home on the net, and going to rehab to have his muscles worked and toned. He's a good guy most of the time, cheerful and tries not to be a burden. He does some part time web design work, but there isn't a lot of that kind of thing anymore for humans, the A.I.s can do that kind of stuff better and faster.

"He does have dark moods sometimes, and the few times he's tried to date hasn't worked out well at all. People say that sex isn't important, that it's what is inside that counts, but that isn't really true, most of them cheated on him, and the good ones just left him first.

"Sex isn't the only important thing, or even most important, what's inside counts a lot, but sex is also important. Anyone that says otherwise is lying to themselves, brainwashed, or sick in the head."

He grunted, "I don't disagree, so is he coming up when you do, or do you need time to get set up and verify it all?"

She moaned softly and closed her eyes, "So good. You're spoiling me Doctor Stedman, and don't you dare stop."

He grinned, and didn't stop rubbing her feet.

She answered his question, "Umm, that second one, though I trust the A.I.s I want to verify it all. I'm pretty sure I already told you I'm a pain in the ass, anal retentive workaholic. That shouldn't take more than a week, and then we'll kidnap my brother and shove him in a tube. Or you know, ask him nicely. One of those."

He chuckled, "Sounds like a plan. The second one I mean."

She sighed in pleasure again, and looked at him with desire in her warm brown eyes, "You make me feel so safe, and loved. Ted, take me to bed now, and show me again why I'm yours. Claim me, please," she begged in a demanding sultry tone.

His cock stirred. He knew exactly what she needed, and what she'd really just asked for, despite the soft words. It wasn't for more gentle loving. He scooped her up in his arms and kissed her demandingly, they were definitely done chatting for the moment...

When he logged into The Endless War two hours later, he checked his messages. He had one from both Kara and Nicci, he read Kara's first.

Ted! Thank you so much for the room, and the room service. I might have starved otherwise, Nicci wouldn't let me leave the bed!

He snorted, he found that hard to believe, it was most likely the other way around, and then he got back to reading.

We got your message, and it's a good plan to raid the north, as well as find new things to wear and tease you with. Remember, die or not, lingerie armor or not, your magical tongue better be ready for my puckered ass tomorrow!

Thanks again for the room, we didn't really expect anything but your ass to show up, so... thanks.

Lustful wishes,


He ch