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Katelynn, Kaleb, and Alexis try to find a balance.

Throughout the balance of the cut and style Chrissy maintained her distance; however there were times when she would shift back to the side of the chair. Each time Chrissy would glance into the mirror move close along the side of the chair but then nervously back away before she got too close to those caressing fingers. Dominique smiled as this occurred again and again for suddenly she surmised Chrissy had the desire yet was inexperienced. Her legs squirmed at that thought, for Dominique realized what a great thrill it would be, to be her first.

Once again Dominique found herself studying the young stylist, for now an important decision had to be made. Should she actively pursue and seduce the pretty lady or should she allow that fantasy and thrill to pass her by. On the one hand that sexy little nymph with her short top and skirt certainly was tempting someone if not Dominique to seduce her. While on the other she was young, inexperienced and thus could be totally unaware of the image and impression she offered.

It was though with a certain regret that Dominique finally decided on the latter. She would no longer pursue Chrissy at least ways not today; however in the future if she was again subjected to this teasing, be it innocent or not, next time she'd not relent so readily. With the decision made the rest of the appointment went off without much fan fare. Only a few times while Chrissy was tending to her nails did Dominique have pangs of doubt on her decision for during these instances Chrissy's actions felt like teasing caresses which set Dominique's nerves on alert.

All in all the appointment kept Dominique's body sexually attuned to each stimulation building or maintaining the level of the last. With such intensity came physical manifestations as well and thus as she rose from the chair Dominique's legs quivered unsteadily and she grabbed the armrest for support. Instantly Chrissy was at her side to insure the client did not fall but as her body came into contact with Dominique's for support suddenly something in Dominique snapped. There was no thought to it, just an instant animalistic action for in that fraction of a second Dominique turned and planted her lips upon Chrissy's. At first there was shock and tension but slowly it seemed to melt away and they became softer and more willing. As Dominique continued and her tongue probed between the soft petals a loud klunk rang out and the ladies separated.

There at their feet lay the hairdryer which Chrissy had in her hand, but had dropped as the last of her resistance evaporated. The sound drew the attention of the owner too for almost immediately she could be heard calling out and approaching leaving Dominique only time to marvel at the precious waif before her. Chrissy's eyes were soft almost mesmerized as though in a dream yet her chest rose and fell with a strength of breath which surprised her. There was no time for plans, actions or further contact thus to save face and the honor of young Chrissy, Dominique turned to head off Cynthia Drake.

She met the owner on the stairs and as she guided her back down and away from Chrissy, Dominique explained how it had been all her fault. She had bumped the young charge as she was spinning to see the effect her new style offered as she moved, causing Chrissy to drop the hairdryer. Dominique then continued explaining what a wonderful job she did and how she truly enjoyed the experience. That final double entendre made Dominique smile a deep knowing smile and then she paid for the service along with a large tip for Chrissy. The only thing she truly regretted was not being able to see and speak with Chrissy one last time, but there would always be next month.


Oh what a glorious day Dominique thought as she made her way back to her car.