Can women fantasize about white boys?


As I slobbered over Leroy's ebony club, I imagined a white penis gently placed in my mouth. It was small and didn't gag me at all. I was brought back to Leroy when he smacked me across the head.

"Suck that cock right, you fucking slut. You know how I like it. Now pay attention and stop dreaming of white penis, or I'll strap that big ass of yours."

An hour later, Leroy shot about a quart of cum in my mouth. Try as I might, I couldn't swallow it fast enough. He slipped from my mouth and splashed another dozen ropes across my face and my big, jiggly tits. As I cleaned my face, I wondered if it was true that white boys could cum within a few minutes and that woman's jaw didn't even get sore sucking their little penises. I was getting to the point where I was obsessed with white boys!

"Leroy, do you know any white boys?" I asked. "I just want to meet one and talk to him, just to see if they are the way everyone says they are."

"You fucking whore," laughed Leroy. "I bet that is what you want. You are in luck, though. My probation officer is white. Maybe he will go easy on me if you offer him some of that big, fat booty!"

"Would you be willing to introduce me to him, Leroy?" I pleaded.

"I guess so, Cunt," he relented. "Get your ass over here. I'm hard again and I want to bury my black snake in your ass."

As Leroy pounded into my ass, I thought about the women who had said that the only way you can feel a white boy is if he takes your ass. I wondered if that was true.

Leroy was supposed to report to his probation officer in two days. He agreed to take me with him to meet this white mystery boy.

"Hey, Ronald," greeted Leroy. "How's it going? This big bootied bitch is LaTesha. You're welcome to the cunt."

I knew that Leroy's introduction had gotten Ronald's interest. He looked over my big ass and tits and I know he admired the way my belly and hips oozed out around my skirt, where my top failed to meet it. I love to wear those midriff baring outfits that lets a girl show some skin!

Ronald took my hand and shook it. I almost melted right there. He carried on a conversation with me as he went over Leroy's rap sheet. It took some time, so we got to know each other pretty well.

Ronald began calling me and just talking a few times a week. He was interested in my thoughts and ideas on world peace and Snoop Dawg. Finally he asked me out!

He took me to a nice Red Lobster and it was great, although they didn't have any fried chicken. I did get a double order of ribs. When he took me home, Ronald shook my hand. Leroy was watching through a bullet hole in the wall, and when I got inside he was extremely horny.

"That was hot, Bitch!" he groaned as he cranked his 11-inch sausage. "Get over here and suck me off so I can fuck you properly, Cunt.

Once again I worked on his love stick for almost an hour. My mouth was getting really sore when he exploded all over my face, tits and hair.

"Now we got the quick one out of the way, you black whore. Climb on my cock and ride it," he commanded. It was another hour and a half before he filled my sore cunt with his juices.

This went on for a few months. Ronald would take me out to diner and Leroy would fuck the living shit out of me when I got home. Sometimes Rasheed and some of the other men would be watching Ronald shake my hand goodnight. When I got through the door, they would gang bang me for hours. They were all turned on to see a white boy court me.

Then it happened. Ronald kissed me goodnight! It was so romantic. I had three cocks in me before he was out of sight. Since Leroy's was the smallest, he always took my ass. One thing I have to admit, the guys were really treating me well.

After a few months of a kiss at the door, Ronald actually felt my tits.

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