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Tough times befall our heroine.

His tongue worked on me as his lips surrounded my nipple and he sucked as hard as he could.

Jesus, what a charge I was getting out of this! This guy is paying me big money to suck on my big fat tit! And he loves it! I moaned and enjoyed the sensations. Little sparks ran from my nipples directly to my pussy. Jesus. Oh shit, I should be doing something, right? Oh yeah, grab his cock!

I grabbed my squirt bottle and saturated his cock with oil, at the same time he was getting much more handsy with my tits; squeezing both of them, rolling them, kneading them, all while never letting go of my left power nipple.

I lightly handled the head of his cock, enjoying the slippery feel of it. Grasping a little tighter, I began stroking him the full length. It was a nice cock, just kind of regular, I guess. But super, super rock hard. I made sure to squeeze hard when I got right under his tip.

I only stroked him like maybe twenty times when he released my tit from his sucking mouth and just whispered "Holy fucking shit!" I felt his cock beginning to shudder and pulse, I increased my stroked right at his dick's head and kept the pressure firm.

I was immediately rewarded with spurts of cum! I felt the hot juice hit my right tit, again and again. I kept stroking him and looked at his cock, the spurts now just hitting his stomach and lower abdomen. Christ, I thought. This guys cums a lot!

Chris's body went from rigid to limp as his orgasm left the building. "Oh my God! You don't know how good that felt... thank you thank you thank you. I need a minute..." I smiled as he panted, still holding his cock.

I looked at the clock, 33 minutes. Right on schedule! I grabbed another hot towel from the warmer and cleaned his cum off my tit, then wiped his stomach and groin area all clean.

"Good as new!" I pronounced. I gently rubbed his shoulders and chest, and banged into his still hard cock.

"Patience?" Chris asked. "Do we have any time left?"

"Yes baby, about twenty minutes or so. What can I do for you? Another back rub or--"

"Well, if you don't mind, maybe I could, um, play with your boobs some more? I can't get this at home!"

"Sure baby!" I moved around to where I was standing right at his head and dangled my tits in his face. I teased him some before I let his mouth catch a nipple. Meanwhile, he reached over his head and discovered my ass.

Squeezing my cheeks, he exclaimed, "You seem to have lost your pants!"

"Yeah, um, they were here a minute ago..."

I mashed my left tit back in his face as he continued feeling me, trying to spread my cheeks.

What the fuck, I thought, and I spread my legs open wide.

Chris released my cheeks and placed his hand on my pussy from the front, and worked his fingers in between my pussy lips.

"Christ, you're all wet!"

Yeah, I was fucking wet. I was very fucking wet. I would really like to cum, and I like this guy Chris! Mark warned me not to get emotionally involved, but, fuck! This is hard! I'm being all intimate with this guy, made him cum, he's touching my cunt, and I'm not supposed to feel anything? Shit! I do feel something! I want to fuck the shit out of this guy!

But, but, that would make me a prostitute. A fucking whore. Which I'm not. Right? I'm not a whore? Or am I? Fucking hell!

Chris slipped a couple fingers right into my wet pussy. I stiffened up, but from pleasure, not anger or surprise. Goddamnit I want to cum. I looked at his cock, it was the same fucking hardness as it was before he came. Ok, think! Think of something!

I told him to hold still, and I climbed aboard the table again. I really wanted to impale my fucking self on his pole, but no, not today.

I squirted more oil on his cock, and squirted some on my cleavage, too. I nestled myself in between his legs so that my tits came to rest right on top of his cock. With just a little push, his cock snuggled in between my tits. With great tactical brilliance on my part, I straddled his right leg with both of mine, my pussy lips resting on his knee. Yeah baby!

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