Medical play, toys, scuba, ropes, E-stim and the law.

When I think we both have had big dollop and she must be ready to kill me, I switch to a program that causes the pussy muscles to spasm like kegel exercises. Now she is pulling hard at the ropes and writhing in ecstasy as her vagina is sending orgasmic signals to her brain without any actual hands touching her, just the imaginary images behind her blindfold ( Is it Brad Pitt, some other hunk or maybe just me?) The vaginal insert continues to pulse in and out. Her clit is suddenly hit with a feeling of the worlds fastest tongue licking and sucking. All of these alternating feelings are slowly being combined into a climax of earthquake proportions, obvious by the scream of total surrender followed by whimpering.

Quickly I bring down the intensity and slow the rhythm to a cool down pace as I watch her body glisten in the candlelight. She continues to wiggle and pull at the ropes but the safe word has not been uttered as I massage her breasts, tummy, and legs giving encouragement for her to try and relax but I know even as the box is turned off the afterglow buzz will continue long after. It must have been another 35 minutes before she realized the ropes were off and she removed the blindfold as I held her close. The slow rocking of the boat, and the slapping of the waves was the only thing that brought us back to reality. Dr. Feelgood told his patient she needed repeated treatments as often as possible.

We laughed as we tried to climb from the wet sheets. I did not realize that I had cum in the process and things were very sticky. We managed to get to the head for a shower before climbing back on deck to relax and watch the stars. I tried to touch her pussy but he jumped saying it was still buzzing and too sensitive.

As my day was about over, we fell asleep naked on the lounge seat until the full moon woke me up. Down in the cabin we then slept until shortly after 10: am. I awoke to warm lips on my mouth, and raging morning wood. As I came to I felt her slide down to my pole & then a warm, wet, heavenly place enveloped me. I started to thrust upward when a hard pinch at my nipple and "stay still" let me know it was her day to direct reading of the poems. Quickly I was brought to a climax as she shuttered her finish from my fingers.

Showers again and damm,,, a breakfast brunch would be really nice. As the windless hauled in the anchor, today"s boss ordered me to set course to a marina in the next town to have breakfast with gay friends Don and Dennis. On the way I called the restaurant by radio to say we needed a slip and would like to order breakfast of Eggs Benedict. As I backed the "Nauti ******" in to slip #6 the dock boys quickly tied up the boat and said we were to wait on board for Dennis &Don who would be along shortly.

We did not have to wait long as the chef and Dennis showed up with breakfast. Not just a breakfast but a feast. The sauce for the eggs Benedict was an original recipe by Dennis that included local oysters. The country fries were cooked in butter with green onions and a hint of fish roe. Orange juice fresh squeezed. As we sat down to enjoy the meal their 5yr old little girl (by Dennis"s" previous marriage) came hollering and running down the dock to jump on the boat with hugs and kisses for us, followed by her other daddy, Don. Don looked puzzled that her hubby and my wifey were not with us but he didn't say anything, just, cast a look at Dennis who smiled with a slight shrug.

By now it was becoming late morning and we needed to work off the food and I was not sure Big Boy could even rise from his overworked condition.

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