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You're a Yankee's fan?

That would be bad.

They were seated at a table in a corner by a pudgy little man wearing a suit that fit just a little too tight. He had a mustache that looked as if he were channeling Zorro. Cassidy thought he was charming.

"What can I get you to drink?" he asked and winked at her causing her to laugh.

"I'll have sweet tea please." She answered.

"I want a beer. Just whatever you have on hand is fine with me." Rand answered and gave her a quizzical look as the man walked away.

"I pegged you for a red wine girl." He told her.

"Oh I reserve on glass of red wine a night for my bath and that's all. I don't handle a drink very well." Cass admitted and wrinkled her nose as a rather unwanted memory of her dancing almost naked on a table at a collage party popped into her head. She'd been in a rebellion period.

Rand laughed. "Am I sensing a story behind that?" he asked and she quickly shook her head.

"Not one I will tell you!" she told him.

Cassidy looked over the menu and felt Rand's eyes on her. She looked up and raised an eyebrow.

"Have I told you how absolutely gorgeous you look?" he asked.

Cassidy felt her cheeks heat and shook her head. "Why don't you tell me?" she asked.

"You look like an angel or maybe a gypsy. I can't decide. It may be a bit of both with all that wild and gorgeous hair and creamy pale skin." He told her and ran his finger over her hand. "You could quite possibly be the most gorgeous woman I've ever met."

Cassidy snorted. "Yeah right. Didn't you go out with Amy Mendoza? She's a supermodel for goodness sakes. And like number one on the list of hottest women in America." She told him.

"Nope. She's got nothing on you." Randon said and shook his head.

Their drinks arrived and they put in an order for their food.

"So why books?"

Cassidy looked at him and smiled. "I love books. They are an escape from reality. I love the face that I can provide people with an escape. Everyone needs one every once in a while. What better way that to loose yourself in a good book?"

"I like a good book every now and again. My escape happens to be video games though. I love video games. I have just about every gaming system and every game known to man at my house. That's a secret though. I'm trusting you to keep it on the down low." He said in a whispered tone causing Cassidy to laugh.

"Oh I am horrible at video games, specially those military games! I always die within the first ten seconds. I'm not very good at all." She said.

"Well, I could teach you. I don't like to toot my on horn but I'm pretty awesome." He told her.

"I'm probably unteachable." Cassidy warned him.

"Nobody is unteachable!" Rand said. "With the right teacher, that would be me, you will exceed in the art of gaming!"

"Maybe I'll let you teach me then." She laughed.

"As you should."

Cassidy looked into his eyes. God, those eyes were amazing. They were so incredibly green.

"You have the most incredible eyes." She said.

"Why, thank you." He told her, taken aback by the sudden compliment.

"You're welcome." She told him.

When their food arrived the conversation quickly changed to food.

"Pepperoni pizza is the best." Cassidy told him and took a bite of the delicious spaghetti on her plate.

"Nope, meat lovers deserve that honor. I mean what's better than a pizza piled high with a lot of meat? It's God's food!"

"You are wrong!" Cassidy laughed.

"I am never wrong!" Rand told her and smiled his signature heart stopping smile.

"Everyone is wrong sometimes." Cassidy told him.

"Not me!"

Cassidy rolled her eyes. "Whatever you say."

"Yes! Whatever I say!"

When they left the restaurant their conversation topic had switched to baseball.

"I can't believe you're a Yankees fan! You have to marry me! I'd simply die without you!" Rand said and raised a hand to his heart.

"Oh, hush." Cassidy laughed. "There are lots of Yankee fans in the world."

"But you're here. They are not!"

Cassidy shrugged and felt a tinge of disappointment when he pulled up to her apa

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