Lynn and Kari, Jeff and Cherri, Dave and Cherri.

She leaned closer, pulling the girl tighter, moaning in her ear, "Is this what my cunt needs? Does my cunt need fucked?" Lynn's fingers were driving in and out now, firmer, harder, her palm pressed to the girl's mound, teasingly putting pressure on her clit.

"Oh, yes Ma'am! Fuck me! Fuck your cunt please!"

Kari was angled slightly forward, her butt pressed tight to Lynn's mound. Lynn held the girl tightly, pumping her fingers in and out, as she rubbed her mound up and down on Kari's ass. Lynn was kissing the slut's neck, as she fucked her. Her other hand was now teasing and squeezing Kari's round tits. Kari was pushing back, riding her mom's fingers, moaning and squealing. It took no time at all, she was begging.

"Oh GOD ma'am,"

Kari could barely speak.

"Not yet, baby-slut...not yet." Lynn was loving this. Shower fucking had always been one of her favorites, though she had always been the fuckee, never the fuckor. Kari's cunt was spasming, creaming all over Lynn's fingers. She had a vivid thought of Tanya's squirting pussy.

Kari was biting her lip, trying hard to obey and not cum. Lynn's fingers were driving deep into her, hard, fast. Her cunt was on fire. She begged, pleaded for mercy. Lynn had no mercy for the slut, taking her cunt with wild abandon. Tears were streaming down Kari's face, tears of pleasure and frustration. Finally, Lynn moaned into her ear...."Cum baby-slut, cum for mama, cum just for me NOW!"

Kari wailed and screamed and came. Over and over, she would have fallen over as her body turned to jelly, were it not for Lynn's arm around her, and her fingers in the wet cunt holding her up. Once, twice, three times, orgasm took the girl, she saw stars and black spots. Her sense finally came back to her, when she was held closely in mom's arms, thoroughly and completely fucked. They held each other close and finished washing, only being driven from the shower by the water heater running out of hot water. Kari toweled them both dry, oiling her mom with baby oil, making her skin soft and glowing. Lynn took the oil, and oiled Kari as well. Kari flinched slightly as Lynn rubbed the oil into her sore cunt.

Miles away, in the campground, Jeff was staring at Cherri in admiration. Dave had woke and gone off to the shower. Jeff's morning wood was in full force, as Cherri tormented to boy by sitting on the bed, legs spread wide, rubbing herself. Jeff wanted so badly to fuck her, to be made a whole man, but Cherri had been firm with him. His first fuck was to be someone special. He had protested that she was special, but to no gain.

At least he hadn't sprayed it all over just watching her.

For her part, Cherri was wondering if she should relent. Dave had refused to fuck her again, because he hadn't been able to get Jeff to leave long enough. She had thought about just simply telling Jeff to take a walk, but was worried he might get overly jealous, knowing they were fucking. What she really wanted, was to have both father and son at the same time. She pictured sucking on Jeff's hard cock, while Dave filled her pussy, and imagined both cocks unloading into her at the same time. That idea took her over the edge, and she let out a long low moan as she came.

"Your turn baby," she cooed, "stroke that big cock for me!"

Jeff wasted little time. As she watched the young man pump his hard cock, Cherri lifted a tit up, taking the nipple in her mouth. With her other hand, she continued to slowly rub her clit. She admired Jeff's cock. It was only slightly smaller than Dave's, and quite hefty actually. Cherri was a nurse, and had seen her share of cocks, both hard and soft. She knew there really wasn't all that much difference in the size, in spite of what most men thought. The smaller ones grew bigger when they got hard, the bigger ones just got hard. The few really big ones, didn't even get all that hard.

Jeff was pounding furiously at his cock, watching Cherri.

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