Emma and Jason come to an understanding.

I pulled her body atop me, feeling her mound press against mine, and her hard nipples pressing against my breasts. I kissed and licked her face clean before we shared a long passionate kiss.

"You were wonderful," I whispered to her.

"You were so yummy, I never imagined it could be this good," she whispered back.

We rolled to our sides and held each other, hands stroking each other's bodies. Marcia looked at the bedside clock and said that we had better get going she had to pick her kids up and change the bed linen before her husband got home. We went into the bathroom and washed up at the vanity. Then I helped her strip the sheets from the bed and put a fresh set on.

We got dressed and Marcia asked "Emma, do you really think you could set up something discreet for me?"

I told her, "I am pretty sure I can Hon, I think a certain gentleman would enjoy the company of two sexy housewives."

We both giggled at the thought.

"OK Em, let me know what you find out," she said.

"I sure will Hon," I replied.

Marcia and I shared a long kiss as she let me out the door. I really felt great when I left to go home.

When I arrived home I noticed that Jason and Jennifer's cars were in Cindy's driveway. I made a mental note to make sure her house was cleaned up of all traces of their liaisons before I left for Chicago. Jason got home about 7:00 and I made him some dinner. We sat and talked for a while. I asked him if he had a date that night. He told me know since he had spent all day with her they decided to stay home this evening. I asked him about his plans for the rest of the week. Jason told me he would be busy spending time with Jennifer and his friends but he planned on spending Thursday evening at home with me as it would be our last evening together. Jason and I talked until about 11:00 and we were both yawning more than talking. I kissed him goodnight and went to bed.

I woke up Wednesday morning and got ready for my meeting with Anthony. I showered and shaved my legs, underarms, and pubic area. I put on some moisturizing cream and walked back in the bedroom to get dressed. I chose some simple white cotton panties and a low cut summer dress that buttoned up the front. I decided not to wear a bra as it was already hot and muggy outside and the dress would contain my breasts pretty well. Jason was still upstairs asleep so I had a bagel and coffee then went up and peeked in his room and told him I had a meeting with a client. He sort of mumbled goodbye and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I arrived at Anthony's office at 9:00 sharp. The front door was locked so I tapped on the glass door. Anthony came out of his office and walked to the door opening it letting me in.

"Good morning," I said.

"Good morning Emma, its good to see you again," Anthony replied.

He complimented me on how pretty I looked in my dress and we made a little small talk. Anthony closed and locked the front door and pulled the shades so we would be undisturbed. He then invited me back to his office to start working on the web site.

He showed me the different programs he used to build web pages and how they worked. He had me going, and in no time I was pointing and clicking building my own site. He explained to me how web hosting worked, domain registration, fees, and all. He helped me, and in about an hour I was well on my way to building my own site.

We sat close together working on the same computer and once in a while his arm or leg would brush against me. I leaned over to look at something on the screen and saw him looking down the front of my dress. I looked up at him and smiled. I shifted in the office chair and pulled one leg under me letting the dress ride up high on my thighs, almost exposing my panties. I turned the chair toward him to ask him a question knowing he could see up my dress as I did. I saw him peek up my dress at my white panties and gave him a little smile as I turned the chair back toward the computer.

May nipples were hard now, little points sticking out through th

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