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Anna is so close to having him back for good.

But I've learned my lesson Anna. You are now and have always been the perfect mate for me, and I had no business trying to turn you into anything less just for the sake of my comfort. I am a good father, and I will be well behaved, but never think that your lover is far away. I am never hiding him again."

I thought that this might have been my chance.

"What do you mean you have made a big mistake and almost made a bigger one?"

Peter grinned. "Now is not the time for that serious talk. I will tell you some time in the near future. Just know, in every piece of you, Anna, that you have every piece of me."

He leaned in and kissed me and I kissed him passionately back, but I was concerned by this remark. At some point I would have to tell him that I know all about this. I couldn't have him saying things like that when he didn't know how much I actually knew. It wasn't fair on me to have to carry all of that knowledge alone and keep saying the right things to buoy him up.

But there wasn't much time for this kind of thinking. We reached the shore and grabbed our bags and headed for the car. The important thing was that Peter had told me that he belonged to me in every way. That was what I wanted to hear.

The night continued smoothly, without any more reference by Peter to a potential seedy carrying on, nor any break in the love that he was showing me. It was a wonderful night, with the children still thrilled to be with their grandmother, and my in-laws being warm and obliging. I had some of the problems that women can have with the mother's of their husbands, but on the whole my relationship with her was an excellent one. They were sophisticated independent people and simply did not want to fuss too much in our lives.

Peter's parents had a fairly early start, and they had both had a very big day. They stayed to put the children to bed with us and cuddled with them a little, then had some more wine and talked shop with Peter and I about the business and then they left with a promise from us that we would go and see them soon for a vacation. When the door was shut on them, Peter leapt toward me and swooped me up in his arms.

"Does Anita come tomorrow?" He asked.


"So she'll be cleaning. How about we simply go to bed? The kids have to be shuffled off to school in the morning and you are cursed with a day of work just like me. But tonight," he leaned down and kissed me passionately. "Tonight is for us."

I let him take me to bed. I was too tired to think. The day, in fact the entire weekend had been huge and I was really ready for a sleep. After whatever Peter had in mind for me of course.

The next few days were like a dream. The children were no better or worse than usual, but my mood was so good that I handled them well and minimized their little problems that way. Peter and I had great clients at work, and my team had commissioned two new clients that we had been trying to get for quite a while. Except for my brief moments, I almost forgot about the other woman and the rendezvous Peter had planned with her.

Then, on the Wednesday, I rang the massage place to confirm my massage with Ezie, when I noticed that in the book Peter still had the day blocked out. I felt sick in my stomach immediately. Why? Why was he still going to see her? Surely everything that was going on between us wasn't a lie. What was the meaning of all of this? Could it be that he was not seeing her then? But I remembered the text message and I wanted to be sick immediately.

What I did not expect however, in the seduction of Peter was that I would seduce myself. It didn't realize that in making Peter love me again, I had fallen back deeper in love with him. The thought of him and that woman no longer made me angry, it just made me sad and sick and filled with fear. I loved Peter so much and I did not want to share him. Was that too much to ask? I may even be able to forgive him if I could be sure that he was mine again and that we would never have to deal with this problem again.

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