Conclusion: All Saint's Day.

Katia still kept her place, but visited daily and slept over almost as often as she went home. We were turning into one very dysfunctional little family. I wondered what exactly Shelly would add to the mix.

"Where's Tyler?" I asked as I entered the living room. Lillith was there, looking nervous.

"He's in the bedroom with Shelly," she said.

"Didn't I tell you to make sure she didn't have any sex?" I snapped.

"Shelly?" Katia asked in surprise.

"They aren't having any sex! They're just talking. Talking and crying!" Lillith cried out defensively.

I stormed into the room angrily, but couldn't get myself to speak when I saw them holding each other. They were standing and Shelly's head was resting on Tyler's shoulder. They ignored me.

"My whole adult life I convinced myself that all I wanted was to be a star!" Shelly said through her tears. "But the truth was that once I had it, I realized I only really wanted you!"

"You've always had me," Tyler replied. The emotions were so heart rending that I had to slip out of the room before I screamed or did something worse. It was so unfair! Tyler and Shelly were able to share their love, but I was stuck without mine.

"What's wrong?" Katia asked. I knew I was pale and I was sure my pain was clear for everyone to see.

"Nothing!" I snapped. "Let's go. We'll meet everyone else at the party. Lillith stay here and make sure they don't have any sexual contact." She didn't look thrilled, but the succubus nodded. Katia and I threw on our costumes and left quickly.

I made my way straight to the bar as soon as we arrived. Katia followed me. She didn't know anyone at the party. I was dressed as a sultan. Katia was dressed as my harem girl. Tyler was supposed to come dressed as a caveman. Lillith would be his cavewomen.

None of us had particularly original costumes, but Katia spent a lot of time making each of them. She was a talented seamstress and we all looked good when we tried on the costumes the night before.

"Long time no see." I turned and saw Susan from the gym standing in line behind me.

"Hello, Susan," I said, giving her a brief kiss.

"You didn't have to stop coming to the gym if you didn't want to work for me," she said. I laughed.

"That wasn't the reason why I stopped coming. Neither were you," I said. So much had happened since we were together. It felt like a lifetime ago. I pushed the thoughts back and made introductions, "This is Katia."

"Hi!" Susan said.

"Hello," Katia replied. She was looking at Susan as if she wanted to eat her. I couldn't blame her. Susan looked good. She was dressed as a high school gym teacher. Actually she looked very much like one of our old high school teachers.

"I didn't know you were friends with Freddy," I said.

"We've known each other for years," Susan replied. "I went to school with his sister Marge."

"Nice costume," I smiled.

"Marge and Freddy insisted," she said with a blush. "They thought it would be funny since so many of Freddy's old high school friends were supposed to show this year."

"Are you any relation to Mrs. White?" I asked.

"No," she replied with a smile. "Marge showed me an old year book picture of her and I did my best to try and look like her."

"You did a great job! You'd better be careful. She was a favorite of most of the guys in my class. I expect you'll be hit on frequently tonight," I teased.

"Are you kidding?" she joked back. "I've already been propositioned by three guys!"

Tyler walked up with Shelly and Lillith. Shelly had on Lillith's cavewoman costume. Lillith was dressed identically to Katia. Now I had two harem girls.

"I always thought Mrs. White was into girls," Tyler said.

"She was," Shelly said knowingly. She seemed distracted. There were so many people on hormone highs in the room that it must be driving a succubus in her condition mad. Even Lillith kept looking around and licking her lips.

"I don't suppose you are?" Katia asked Susan. "Into girls, that is?" Susan just smiled and winked.

"Susan, this is Tyler, Shelly and Lillith," I said in int

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