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Melody is humiliated in a Casino.

The conversation was a little one sided while she either nodded or shook her head in confusion. "Of course you do not want anyone to know of this, I am sure it would be embarrassing for you. We can be very discreet. What you owe must be paid or we lose our reputation so no exceptions are ever made. As your husband owns the house and you do not work there seems to be only one option. You will work here until the debt has been repaid."

Melody simply nodded. The words he used, the tone of voice, all added up to an order, though she would have no option but agree. She stood as ordered and in dismay lifted the hem of the dress to show him her legs. He nodded a dispassionate approval making no comment on the red suspenders.

She felt humiliated lifting her dress in this office before strangers. As he said there were many jobs in a casino but she lacked qualifications and checking her body over was necessary. She didn't know if it was the act of lifting the dress or his dismissal was more humiliating. She didn't look forward to being dressed in a waitresses outfit walking around the casino showing off her body to strangers either.

She hadn't noticed the other man leave or the woman glide in.

"Take Melody to the staff room and acquaint her with the rules. You can take her under your wing until she learns her duties." He said.

It seemed they were dismissed for without another word the woman guided her back out of the office. Further along the corridor they entered the bowels of the casino with its bare walls and myriad of corridors.

"I guess it's a bit of a shock to be so suddenly brought from casino guest to worker." The woman smirked. "At least with a body like that you won't be scrubbing floors. By the way, my names Shirley and I'm your boss. You've been assigned to the private high roller tables so no one you know will see you working here." She smirked again.

Melody was being judged by the cost of her clothes and found to be wanting. In the changing room Melody was assigned a locker and given a towel for a shower. Forgetting she had removed her panties she slipped the dress over her head.

"So! You're a bit of a slut then. I didn't put you down as one, well you won't be alone here we have all sorts."

Melody felt angry and humiliated but didn't know what to say. It was bad enough stripping off in front of a stranger and yet again she had been called a slut and with good reason. She quickly pulled her clothes off and threw them into the locker.

Fresh from the shower she found an outfit hanging on the door of the locker. Shirley had at least judged her measurements correctly. It was a surprise that this was different from the skimpy outfits she had seen the waitresses wear.

This was a bustier designed to push her breasts up and out so they balanced on top like an offering. She hooked the stockings to the belts hanging from it and pulled up a thong glad to be wearing panties again. Melody hoped the dress wasn't too short, not wanting to show her bottom off to strangers.

Again Shirley appeared without warning. "Ok. Let's get the rest of your things and we can get started. I don't bother with the rules you can learn on the job. Of course the one important one is no touching. They can't touch you and you can't touch them, if you know what I mean." She laughed.

Melody hoped they didn't run into anyone before she got the rest of the uniform. They pushed through a swing door and Melody stopped dead. "Now don't freeze on me Melody. You will do as you're told and that's an order, you understand?" She watched Melody nod her head and relaxed.

'So this is it, no dress.' Melody cringed. 'I'm to serve these strangers with my breasts and bottom on show. Why the hell did she have to say it's an 'order'? It would have been better if she had said obey 'me', but she didn't.'

"Here are your things, tray, note pad and pen." Shirley told her. "Follow me around for a few tables I'm sure you'll pick up the routine quick enough." She said.

Melody followed Shirley around like

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