The night of toys continues.

She knew from experience that as good as it felt a person couldn't do much else after playing with it. Plus, the strapon being a size or two smaller wouldn't feel nearly as impressive after the large dildo. It was time to get involved.

Paula crept onto the bed near Diana's head. She positioned her knees to either side of Diana's head, and placed a hand over Diana's hand so she could help guide it back out of Anna's now dripping wet pussy. Diana momentarily lost focus as a particularly strong wave of pleasure coursed through her body. With the dildo finally out Paula positioned the strapon cock behind Anna's pussy and with a thrust of her hips, and Diana's help, the strapon cock slid smoothly in. As it entered Paula leaned forward and made sure that her breasts rested fully on Anna's back. With one hand she reached around Anna's chest and gently kneaded and caressed one of those cute pert breasts. Paula gave a few thrusts, adjusted her knees, thrust again, moved the hand on which she was resting much of her weight, and then finding her balance she began rhythmically pumping in and out of Anna.

Paula felt Anna shiver beneath her. She could see Anna trying to use the dildo on Diana, but she would thrust once or twice, then stop as her concentration faltered, then try again. Paula could feel the hair from Diana's head brushing against her thighs and knew that Diana was working Anna's clit for all she was worth. She felt Anna's body shiver beneath her and Anna let out a strident "Ohh" of pleasure. It wasn't too many thrusts later that Anna's began uttering "Yes" over and over under her breath which changed only moments later to a long drawn out "Ooh" which quickly grew in volume. Paula was so turned on by Anna's approach to her climax that she began thrusting with as much force as she could, Anna's body bouncing hard against her hips with each thrust. Anna finally screamed out, "Yes. Yes, oh, yesss," and her whole body convulsed under Paula.

Paula and Diana both knew from experience that Anna wasn't one to stop the torture of continued sexual stimulation after the first orgasm, so unabated they continued to provoke their friend. Paula wasn't concerned about being too rough at this point and held Anna tightly against herself as she rocketed her hips back and forth.

Diana could barely keep her lips on Anna's jouncing clit. She intensified Anna's pleasure by humming almost continually onto Anna's clit. Diana was enraptured by the sight of Paula thrusting the strapon cock into Anna right in front of her eyes. It was such a turn on. Moisture from Anna's pussy was dripping onto her face. She amused herself by realizing that with the strapon cock you didn't have the slapping noise of a guy's balls with each thrust. Diana clamped her mouth as firmly as she could over Anna's clit again and pushed her tongue over the tip of the clit as hard and fast as she could. Despite the last very intense orgasm she had a feeling that Anna's next one would be even bigger.

Anna didn't even try to please Diana anymore. She couldn't. The pleasure was so intense. The cock pumping. Paula's hand cupping her breast, squeezing it. Paula's boobs pressed against her back. Paula's hips slamming against her butt. Diana under her. Diana's breasts pressed against her abdomen. Hands on her thighs. The wonderful mouth on her clit. And the cock. Oh, the cock. Filling her, assaulting her over and over. She couldn't take it anymore. Her whole body flushed with heat like fire. Then the convulsions, one intense wave of ecstasy coursing through her after another. The voice screaming (was it hers): "Yes," "Ohh," "Diana," "Yes," "Oh, Paula," "Fuck me," "I love that," "Give it to me." And then the endless scream and the moisture dripping between her legs. Paula laughing with delight on top of her. Diana, under her seemed to be surprised by something as she sputtered some incredulous remark.

Diana had never experienced anything like this before.

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