Journalist seeks vampires, but encounters a sex fiend.

In less than a minute he became alarmed with the progress of this activity. Both of his boots were off and one of his stockings was being wrenched away in short order. Short of some miracle of intervention they were going to subject him to the humiliation of having him stripped both stark naked and of all his dignity. His captors knew the transformation that was at hand would have him delight in his nakedness within the hour.

He went into a sort of mental shock of denial but started to snap out of it when the top of his undergarment was stripped away to reveal his upper torso. The cool night air actually tantalized his exposed skin and hardened his nipples in a sensation not like anything else since a moonlight skinny dip frolic he had enjoyed with his new bride during their honeymoon. He was startled to realize that he actually enjoyed the captors tug away at the lower half of the reinforced underwear and expose him birthday suited, in communion with an eery gothic surrounding that seemed enthralling and blissfully connected. A nearby owl hooted in celebration. He suddenly realized he was no longer restrained as his captivating companions lifted their cowls and smiled mischievously when he appreciated they were liberating themselves in nudity as well. He wondered whether they would chase each other about in some animal-like play. He wanted to connect himself in exuberance with his new experience by pissing again. When it was apparent he didn't have anything to pee, it crossed his mind to use his male organ in its other purpose of life affirmation. That is when he heard that noise again.

It was the same gravelly voice that made him panic momentarily with a flight response. But where would he run to? -- back to the inn to pound on the door in his undignified disgrace and subject himself to the worst assumptions by the ogling inn keeper and his wife? The audible low-pitched language spoken shifted about to identifiable German and finally, "foreigner".

Before he could run, one of his captors had picked up the flashlight and flashed it in the direction of the approaching silhouette. The light shone directly on what was a plainly visible animal phallus. Long, thick, and almost purplish dark, it was festooned with a palpable glans. Elegantly serpentine, it was decorated at its base with a magnificent mane of dark maroon fur, almost glistening in the light with a sheen of sensual silkiness. A line of thick fur could be seen to grow part way from the underside of the fleshy staff. At the end was a slight tuft of hairs like at the end of a bull phallus. The journalist was frozen with mesmerism. How beautiful it was to be naked in the dark of night and struck by this vision of sheer sensuality, this icon of elegant flesh certainly worthy of worship and veneration. The low gravelly voice continued in English. "You like what you see, foreigner. We wondered whether we would see you tonight. " The phantom chortled. "It was not hard to find you by the smell of your water. You humans are always the easiest to prey upon." The naked traveler just swiveled his hips involuntarily in the deep trance that continually heightened all his senses. He was unaware that his own phallus was stirring to life and stiffening out visible to his captors. "My boys," he continued. 'We have found an easy one. The festivities will be especially raucous tonight. Bring the naked one over here and have him take my scent. His kidnappers dragged him over directly in front of the beast on his front and lifted him as if to encourage him to prop himself to gently grasp the superb flesh that hung before him. "Sniff it, foreigner. Know my power from my wand of magic even before it turns hard."

The deep inhalation was a drug more powerful than the journalist had known in his days of experimentation with a number of distillates of opium.

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