Can the girls escape before they grow truly gigantic?

She felt wonderfully constricted by the walls and ceiling, the feeling making her realise just how big she was. Yet, she wanted more. She wanted to break through it. She'd already ruined all the furniture, shelves and equipment that were in the room, and now it was time for the building itself.

The ceiling was the first to give way. Kimiko felt it crack as she pushed the ceiling tiles upward, and the floor above it splintered into a million pieces. She felt her gigantic tits begin to fill the next level above them, as they continued to push against the walls.

The weight against the walls was getting too much. Kimiko felt her nipples gain more space as the outer wall buckled outwards. Dust, wood and concrete began to rain down on top of them, the structure surrendering to her tits. Kimiko was thankful that Rose was shielding them against anything heavy that might come crashing down, the giantess much more capable of fending off the debris.

She heard a loud crashing noise, and the wall in front of Kimiko crumbled. The building had two more stories above them, which collapsed, landing on her tits. It felt divine; an entire building was nothing compared to her impressive size!

"Dylan, I need you," she grunted as the other walls collapsed around her. The Irish guy happily obliged and pulled his pants down, impaling her with his rock-hard cock.

The sensation of his hard member entering her sent her over the edge again, and caused another growth spurt. What little remained of the loading dock was demolished entirely, and the rest of the building was slowly capitulating. Rose found the wall behind her gone too, and with nothing remaining to threaten them, she got up and left the two lovers to it.

"What do you think of my tits now, Dylan?" Kimiko moaned. "Tell me how much you love my huge growing tits!"

"I love them!" Dylan grunted as he pumped her. "I love your growing, enormous tits! I wish I could see more of them."

Kimiko looked at the expanse of tits in front of them. She felt them make contact with an abandoned vehicle on the street outside, starting to crush it. Dylan was right, she wanted to see it. She wanted to know what it looked like as her tits rolled over everything in their path.

"Maybe we can!" She shouted in between moans. She looked up, and saw camera drones from the JSDA monitoring them. Using her implants, she placed a call to Lina, who hooked her up.

She forwarded the feed to Dylan, and together they watched as Kimiko's chest grew even more enormous. From the bird's eye perspective, she saw Maaya and Rose with the others, all of them having retreated to a safe distance. Even a single one of her massive tits now dwarfed Maaya, she realised. And they were still growing!

They watched her enormous tits swell into the road as Dylan continued to fuck her. They saw trees, fences, and the odd vehicle get caught under them and disappear, crushed by the immense weight. Kimiko could feel each one of the objects she destroyed, the sensations getting stronger and stronger as she got bigger. She came again and again as Dylan pumped his cock inside her.

Another wave of pleasure hit her when her nipples impacted the building on the other side of the road. If was a six-storey office building, bigger than the clinic she'd just levelled, but it put up little resistance. Glass and concrete rained down onto the empty street below as the building's fa__ade surrendered to the enormous nipples poking holes in it.

Kimiko shuddered as she watched the drone feed. That building was at least twenty metres away from her, and her boobs were now pressing against it hard. Her nipples were just above the second storey, poking holes into the building, which felt so amazingly good. The walls began to collapse inwardly, and the top of the building came down on her tits. Every piece of debris that hit her sent waves of pleasure to her pussy.

The building was actually too small for the massive front of her tits.

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