An ET helps mom seduce twins.

When you're done, go change your clothes and run a comb through your hair; it looks like a bird's nest," she said, running her hand through it affectionately.

He pulled his head away from her hand, laughing. "Okay! What stores?"

"Grocery, the Dollar store, Walgreens," she paused, considering, "and the package store."

"The package store? Why?"

"I thought I'd get something for the punch. Is that okay?"

His grin flashed his approval. "I'll be right back down."

Bert, like many who lived and worked on farms, was acutely aware of the weather and its vicissitudes. On the way home he noticed the clouds on the western horizon. "Looks like a storm's coming, tonight or tomorrow."

"Well," said Debbie, "we could use a little rain. I just hope its nothing more than a small thunderstorm."

"Me, too. Gotta have electricity to play the music," he grinned, causing her to smile, as they turned by the big oak at the end of their driveway.

While Bert and Debbie went shopping, Anni busied herself getting the house ready for the dance. As much as she was able, she pushed the larger furniture to the sides of the room and then fit the smaller pieces between them. Next, she covered the lamp shades with colored tissue paper, leaving enough room open at the top so the heat could escape. Those with switches inside the shade, she unplugged after turning them on.

With as much done as she could do alone, she went into the kitchen to start on snacks and the punch. She began by making the ice ring for the punch. After that, digging into the fridge, she found some bologna, salami, and cream cheese, with which she made some of her favorite appetizers. She had just finished cutting and plating them when she heard her mother and brother pull up at the back door.

Anni quickly put the snacks she had made in the fridge and ran out to help them grab the bags from the back of the truck. Once inside, both her mother and brother commented on how much she had been able to get done. Debbie suggested they have lunch and then continue with dance preparations. They would have dinner about five and then have leisure time to dress and get ready.

They were done, to their satisfaction, by four. While the women fixed dinner, Bert went through their CDs, selecting a mix of modern pop and classic dance music for them to choose from over dinner. When they were done, they had eight discs, totaling nearly seven hours of music, almost two thirds of which could be classified as 'romantic.'

After dinner, Debbie sent Bert off to shower and shave while she and Anni cleaned up the kitchen and put together the punch. When she was sure he was out of earshot, Debbie looked at her daughter. "Sweetie," she asked (very much under the influence of Y), "if the opportunity came up tonight, would you want to lose your virginity?"

"Mom! What kind of question is that?" Anni answered, shocked and embarrassed.

"A serious one. Proms are often the occasion when girls become women. So, if Bert showed the interest and willingness, would you want him to..."

"Mother! He's my brother! How can you..."

"Your father and I were first cousins," she interrupted, speaking softly. "We grew up together, lived together as children from when I was five until I finished junior high school. Eight, almost nine, years.

"My father was serving in the military, in Europe satisfying his ROTC obligation. When his first full enlistment was up, he decided to stay in. By the time he was a captain, and seriously considering making it a career," she went on, speaking softly; "they found Mom's cancer, pretty far advanced. That's when he resigned his commission to take care of me and your uncle, Tony.

"So, for seven years your father and I were as close as you and Bert. We wound up at the same university and when we met, it was like the time we were apart never happened. We got married without telling the families when I got pregnant with you two, and never worried about it again.

"Now, I ask again, if the opportunity arose, would you want Bert to take your cherry?"

"You really wouldn't have a problem

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