A dance full of passion, a girl waiting for His touch.

Her ivory skin glowing slightly with the flush of excitement, one lithe leg crossed over the other just below the knee and extended, only the tips of the toes resting gently on the cool marble floor. She slowly lifts her arms, hands gently rising above her head to cross at the wrists, elongating her profile, drawing the eyes upward to the pale skin exposed at her neck and up still, to the flame colored mane gathered high atop her head and secured with a clip of fire opal, blazing in brightly in the dim light, like her spirit. She stands, frozen in time a living work of art, breathlessly awaiting his acknowledgement and permission to begin. Her body tightens, rapid breathing obvious by the rise and fall of her soft curves as HE nods lightly and the music begins.

At the first throbbing drumbeats, she gasps slightly and allows the music to take her. A storm of pounding passion, raw and tangible, thundering drums echoing through the room and the electricity of knowledge, that all eyes are upon her and she is HIS.

She twirls on her toes, silk fluttering around her, allowing tantalizing glimpses of her softly lit silhouette, as the candles caress her form with their light. Swaying, like a willow in the winds, to the heady sounds, the crackling torches and the rain sticks against the backdrop of steel drums, the primitive overtones of the music adding to the aura of sensuality that is quickly engulfing the gathering.

Tiny tendrils of long fiery hair escaping its confines and falling about her face and shoulders. She dips low and turns abruptly in mid movement, slow sensuous roll, supple hips swaying and hands traveling over her body, all eyes on her nimble fingers as they map a tantalizing trail across her skin

She circles the room in a dizzying display of motion, a breathing, flowing stream of fire . She bends and slides softly to the floor, feeling the reverberations of the drums echoing through her skin. Jade green eyes open, glazed with passion, searching and meeting her Masters eyes, her body physically flinching at His invisible caress as His eyes wash over her spreading a slow burning heat that sears her soul. The need to please rides her hard, she pulls her legs under her, and spins, extending her limbs and arching her body backwards hands stretching over her head to meet the floor, the music overwhelmed now by the pounding of her heartbeat in her ears and the resonance of HIS voice whispering through her soul. Muscles bunching, legs slide, up and over, a hint of curve, pale and round as she rights her body to standing, arms snaking up to her shoulders artfully releasing the clip and allowing the silk to flow over each soft inch of her, to puddle on the floor in a silvery pool.

Body, now like her soul, bare to and for Him.

A deep shaky breath, her hips rolling, shimmying, full breasts swaying with each gyration, coral tipped nipples winking as the light plays off the piercings and the soft jingle of the connecting chain echoes through the air. Her body moves now of its own accord~ the music brought to life, poetry in motion. She gives herself to HIM openly, allowing the passion of the dance to take her higher.

A sudden cessation of movement, stillness, her body heaving, tingling~ aching. Silver gleaming from her neck, breasts, lower on her belly and from her naked mound, all tied together with a silver chain, the end of which is wrapped daintily around her right wrist. A slight tilt forward, her hips catching the rhythm of the drums again, the dewy sheen between her thighs all too visible even in the low light. Raking her nails softly over her skin, she shivers feeling HIS touch as she runs her fingers up, over her face, allowing her head to tilt back, eyes closing again, fingers delving into her hair, gently pulling the clip, quickly dropped to the floor, freeing the firefall of heavy tresses to cascade over her back and shoulders.

A Caress~ satin over silk.

She whirls, on her toes, bending at the waist, long hair skimming across the floor as the music c

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