How a graduation present turned into a lifelong gift.

As I sat and waited a couple of middle aged business men sidled up to the bar and ordered drinks. Occasionally I would catch one or both of them looking my direction and when eye contact was made they would quickly look away. By the time my food had arrived their twosome had grown to a foursome and the conversation volume had tripled. The youngest in the group was probably in his mid thirties and he was obviously a junior partner where ever they happened to work. He did however seem to be the most willing to look my way as I caught him in eye contact frequently. As the waiter cleared my dinner plate the bartender came to my table and presented me with a glass of wine from the gentleman at the bar.

I had dabbled with alcohol in high school keeping my status up with my peers but this was different I was in a drinking establishment and I was convinced at any minute that I would be carded by the bartender. So again as soft as I could, I politely declined the drink and asked the bartender to tell them thanks but no thanks. I rose from my seat and began to exit the bar, still worried that I was too young to be served and would be quickly outed as such if I stayed. I hurried myself towards the elevators in an attempt to escape to my room to escape, but before I got to the elevator bank I could hear someone calling out from behind me.

"Hey... Hey... Hey dear, hold up for a second..." Came the call from a pleasant baritone behind me. I was frozen in place as the voice got close to me very quickly. Within a second the young business man slid in front of me in an effort to engage in conversation. I just stared at the floor in shear terror. This was where I would be found out and this was where my little fantasy would come to an end.

"Hey, listen I didn't mean to offend you. I get it a pretty lady like yourself probably has to deal with getting hit on all the time. I just... I was trying to get the other guys off my back, they have been riding me all night about being too timid. I just want to say I'm sorry if I offended you"

"Thank you for the apology, I... I am not old enough to drink yet and I left so you wouldn't get in trouble." I was giving my best effort to sound as effeminate as possible and remained staring at the floor.

"Oh! Oh man I am... You just looked old enough from where I was sitting. I thought you were in town for the convention too. My name is Brian." And he extended his hand in a friendly gesture.

"I'm... I'm Katie" I said as I accepted his hand shake and as he raised his other hand to cup mine I noticed a wedding band. He must have realized that I had seen it as he quickly withdrew his hands from mine.

"Well now that I have made my amends, I can head back to my friends..."

"Wooohooo, that a boy Brian!!" Was the chorus of cat calling coming from across the lobby from his cohorts. They were already pretty well inebriated as they walked out of the lobby and into the night.

"I guess you had better catch up with them." I said as I began to turn towards the elevators.

"Oh not really, I know where they are headed and trust me they will still be there if I want to see them again tonight. If you would allow me to I would love to buy you some dessert at the bar to make up for my faux pas earlier. You game?"

To that point I still hadn't stopped looking down at my feet, but with his words I looked up and met eyes with him. His eyes were a light brown and came close to matching his hair. He looked into my eyes and from nowhere I began to feel light headed. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "Yeah that would be great!"

What was I doing? He was obviously a married man and if he was looking to blow off some steam then he was barking up the wrong tree.

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