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Couple enjoys spur-of-the-moment lovemaking.

We want each other so bad right now. We are hardly eating just staring into each other eyes. I get up and crawl across the table and kiss you, knocking everything over as I do. I don't care I want you so bad!

You return my kiss and the passion soars! I am on my hands and knees on the table as we kiss and I grab you! You hug me back I end up falling off. We laugh for a sec as I get up, I am all covered with food now. I take my shirt off as you kiss my chest licking off the food that is there...

I grab you and set you on the table as I lift up your dress to find you are not wearing any underwear. I am so hot I just dive right in and stick my tongue so far inside your soaking wet pussy.. mmmm you taste so sweat... You grab the back of my head and jam it into you, you don't even care if I can breath and neither do I.. I suck on your lips as I massage your asshole running my wet fingers across it as it tightens and expands from my teasing it. I stick a finger in you and suck on your clit as I slowly insert my finer inside your ass... you are pushing hard against my mouth as you rotate your hips and bounce on my finger that is buried in your ass! You scream out that you are gonna cum so I suck harder on your clit and fuck both your pussy and ass faster! You grab my hair and pull as you scream out loud baby I am cumming! Your body is shaking from the pleasure as I suck up all your sweet nectar..

I get up and remove my pants as you remove your dress. We come together and kiss hard our faces mashed together and u taste yourself on me. I am all covered with your juice!

My dick is so hard and you are so wet, I just slide right into you! We are so hot I just start fucking you hard and fast, in and out, in and out! The table is shaking from our movements. Your juice is got the table all wet and your ass is sliding across it as we come together u slide back and forth. I bend down and grab hold of your nipple with my teeth as we rock together. I am moaning around it how good you feel. You are screaming my name out loud(Mark)don't stop don't ever stop! I suck you tit into my mouth as we fuck even harder and faster. We have knocked everything of the table now...

I pull out of and spin you around shoving myself back into as your ass ripples from our movements it looks so sexy! I kiss the back of your neck as I push even deeper into you. I look down to see the ripples run over your ass, god I love your ass! I scream in your ear how great you feel.. god you feel so fucking great!! You are bent over the table and the legs sound like they are gonna give out anytime it is creaking so bad as we fuck so hard! I reach down and massage your clit while I jam into you. I rotate in a circle and rub it up and down as I go in and out in and out! You are moaning out loud now, I know u r gonna cum again but I pull out of you!!

I slide up a little and tease your ass with the head of my cock. I turn your head so I can kiss you as my dick slowly slides into your tight ass! God it is so tight squeezes my dick so hard.. You push back so you can get the whole thing in. We are so sweaty now our bodies slip and slide together! I finally get all the way in and rest for a minute while we kiss passionately so you can get used to me in you! We slowly start to rock together I unison. Like we have known each other forever and know exactly what each other wants.

We pick up the pace now our moans echoing through the dinning room.

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