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Once again I return to that English country house.

I wanted him to fuck me but that could wait. This time I was going to drink him totally.

He carried on squeezing my breast, finally working his hand into my bra. I felt his fingers slide over the nipple, hard and tender, wanting to be touched. He squeezed it between his fingers. Meanwhile I carried on thrusting my head back and forth over the head of his cock. I moved one hand to his balls, hanging and swinging as he swayed back and forth. Cupping them I squeezed and mauled them, urging him to cum, milking the spunk out of him. I guessed under this pressure he wouldn't last long.

First I saw his mouth open and then his head lolled back. His tummy tensed and he started to jerk his hips more into my mouth. Hoping I got the moment right, I simply stopped moving my head and just let his cockhead rest within my mouth as my tongue swirled around it. I felt his shaft twitch and get slightly bigger, and then bang, out shot a wad of cum straight onto my tongue, instantly running into the sides of my mouth, filling my mouth level with my gums. Another shot, stronger, hitting the back of my mouth. Warm, sticky stringy cum, straight from the tap...I moaned as I felt it shoot out. A third, fourth and finally a fifth wad shot out. I had trouble keeping it in my mouth; I really had a mouth full by now. It bathed my teeth and tongue and his cockhead. He looked down at my face as I slowly drew my lips back over his cockhead. I raised my head and opened my mouth. It must have been a sight, perhaps three spoonfuls of cum there, all over my teeth and gums, covering my tongue completely. He looked amazed. I then threw my head back and swallowed. Naturally the taste remained, as I'm sure a lot of cum still did. Not letting my eyes move away from his once I then opened my mouth again so he could see his cum had finally disappeared.

Xenia and Andrew clapped. Then Xenia slipped off the sofa and crawled over to me. Her hands felt my breasts within my bra and she kissed me hard on the lips, her tongue pushing deep into my mouth, swirling around tasting both me and the taste of the boy's cum. The boy watched us both as her hands played with my breasts and we kissed long and hard. She then pushed me backwards so that I ended up laying on my back. Laying between my legs she tugged my panties to one side of my pussy and immediately thrust her mouth there with her tongue licking its way up deep into me. Her hands slid over my tummy to cup my bra, squeezing and mauling my breasts. I could feel her tongue wiggling and playing around inside my pussy. I could feel her chin pushing against me as her face almost lifted my hips slightly off the floor. She thrust and thrust her tongue in and out of me, almost fucking me with it.

Both the boy and Andrew moved next to me. The boy swooped low and started to kiss my wide-open mouth, his tongue dancing with mine. Andrew cupped both my breasts with his hands. His mouth lowed over my nipple and he sucked while his hand squeezed that one up to his mouth. The other hand mauled my other breast. It felt like heaven. At some point I noticed that the butler had both entered the room and Xenia; he was busy thrusting his large cock into her from behind. His tummy and hips making loud slapping noises against her bottom. She never missed a beat, her tongue rolling around my clit then shooting up inside me, then back to my clit. I knew I wasn't going to last long like this.

The boy didn't break from his kiss. It was like he was drinking me. I had his head in both hands and was crushing his mouth on to mine. Andrew was sucking the nipple ready hard while his teeth gently held my breast in his mouth. His hands roaming and squeezing and mauling them. I couldn't keep still it really was like torture.

Finally the moment came and I thrashed around to a full-blown climax.

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