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Foursome with friends.

You are the not only a fantastic lover but I couldn't begin to dream up a better one if I tried... not that I wanted to try, either.

"I'm tongue-tied and have no idea how to answer." Not helping matters, of course, was that you had taken that opportunity to start stroking me under the table. You like to drag your nails along the outline of my cock, over my pants. It drives me wild. Well, it drives us both wild as you get pretty wet from it, but after several minutes of it, I am ready to rip your clothes off every time. (One of the times you did that on a long car ride through a couple states comes to mind as I type this. I really am a lucky guy.)

"Too many from which to decide. Tell me yours first," I say.

"About a year ago," she began, "we had friends over. One thing led to another and, before I knew it, I was tied up and being enjoyed by our friends and my own loving partner. Six hands caressing and exploring every inch of me was incredible. Hands were replaced by tongues, cocks and a wet pussy. I didn't know which end was up and I was one raw nerve. I'm wet just thinking about it."

"Me, too," you said without intending.

Three sets of eyes shifted over to you simultaneously.

"I can't imagine how fantastic that must be to be so over-sensitized."

Your hand moved on its own from my cock to your breast as you spoke. I don't think you even realized it, but you slipped your hand inside your shirt and massaged your left nipple.

"Tell me more," you said.

"How about if we show you?"

We all stood. I turned, cupped your face with my hands and kissed you deeply and intently. Lust burned intensely in your response. Your tongue wrestled with mine and you tugged at your shirt, pulling it out of your pants. My hands roamed all over your body and your breathing increased quickly.

You grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch. The table is nice and you have had fantasies about being taken by others all around a table, but the couch was far more comfortable. In the four steps to the couch, you stripped bare. As I said earlier, you were driven and as soon as you sat down to face me, I saw you were quite wet.

Standing above you, I leaned over to kiss you more. You unbuckled my belt and yanked my pants down. Oh ya, people were there with us. We turned to look over at them and they were stripping as well. During one of our many fantasy stories during sex, you laid out this scenario and told me you would do it for me but you wanted to be able to direct and tell the others what to do. I was all for it and, in the moment, I saw that's what you began to do.

You told our friends to come over onto the couch and the three of us should caress you. We did. Your face was filled with pure bliss - a smile from ear to ear - as six hands gently rubbed you in all directions. You closed your eyes to savor the moment. Nails dragged up and down your arm, then across your chest. One of those two hands slowly - excruciatingly slowly - used a single fingertip to circle your left nipple. In turn, it hardened and ached for more.

More hands rubbed your legs. You got wetter and wetter from the whole experience. Every now and then, a finger took some of your pussy's lube and rubbed it up and down your inner thighs.

"Use your tongues," you directed. There was no hesitation from any of us.

The finger slowly making its way around your nipple was replaced by a tongue.

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