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Defending the Pack.

Peter looked at me, I nodded and tapped the shoulder of the white and silver wolf by my side. The ice wall shattered around him, falling to the ground. "Tie him up good and stuff him in the back of my car," he said.

The wolves left my side, and she walked around the group of warriors, healing the wounds that they had. None were serious, the men were good fighters and had the element of surprise. In a few minutes, they were back at my side.

Beta Peter came up and stood before me. "Orders, sir?"

"Put him in the cells back home, and clean up the mess here," I said. I handed him a stack of cash. "Take the men out for a good meal, you've earned it. When you are done, stage yourself ten miles south of my border and out of sight. I'm taking the Luna home." The men cheered as we walked off, and you couldn't fit a piece of paper between us until we got to the helicopter and buckled in.

There were only three seats, so Beta John shifted and pulled on clothes before buckling in, and the silver-grey wolf sat on the floor in back between our feet. We all put on headsets t block the sound, with a microphone that was voice-activated so we could talk to each other. The pilot was on a different channel, so we could speak freely. I looked down at the young shewolf and smiled. "Thank you Jessie, I'm glad you talked me in to letting you come, even if it was only for healing the wounded after the fight."

She chuffed and licked my hand. Linnea started scratching her ears as we took off and headed back north. "I was strong, and you DID come for me," she said over the noise of the engines. "How?"

"Jessie unlocked more of her power, she was able to locate you and send an astral projection," John replied. "You heard what she said?"

"Yes, and I needed to hear that, I was giving up hope," she said as her free hand covered her belly. "What now?"

"We'll have to talk about that. We know where Shura is, but they will have already left Grand Rapids by the time I can get any men there, and I don't want this fight to happen around humans."

"He's going to figure out we got Linnea back at some point before six, and then he's lost his leverage. His only option will be to attack us and try to at least get the money."

"We'll be ready for him then." I looked out over the frozen ground as we flew north. This ends today.

Ch. 56

Jessie's POV

I was so relieved when he cracked, as I was about to kill a man who was helpless. Watching a man slowly suffocate in a coffin of my construction was not my idea of a good afternoon.

Still, I did what I had to, and John was right- he wasn't willing to die for Yuri. Now we knew the direction he was coming from and when. The question on the table right now was what to do about it.

I was sitting on John's lap in the Alpha's office, with his Beta, Alpha Stan, Beta Peter and the Betas of the Packs who had come to help. All of us were looking at the map of the territory. "His weakness is the use of mercenaries," John said. "Shura doesn't have many men left, not now. He's leading rogues and opportunistic Packs that are hungry for money and territory. If we can sow doubt in their minds, they'll go home." He used a laser pointer to highlight the western border. "Put signs up saying things like, 'We know you are coming' or 'Dying ain't much of a living.'"

"Really? Outlaw Josey Wales quotes?" Sven laughed at it.

"It's a classic line, and it's effective. Break their morale and limit casualties."

Sven stood up, going over to the map. "I don't want to limit casualties." I looked up at him, a little shocked. "Shura is doing us a favor. He's attracted every lowlife, every dangerous rogue and desperate Alpha in one place. We fight them now and the problem is gone; we let them scatter, and they remain a threat for when we AREN'T ready for them." He tapped the map. "How long will it be before rumors start about the wealth of our Pack, or of your mate, John? How many times will she be almost killed before they finally finish the job?"

I put my hand over my mouth, my gut was twisting and

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