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Rebekah is always satisfied, even if her subs aren't.

"You're just a piece of meat," Rebekah said, hot breath pulsating against V-whatever's bite mark. "You know that?"

Vaughn made a gargled sound in response, words lost to the ball gag between his teeth.

Rebekah nipped him. This time she used her front teeth. Equally painful to the back teeth, her front teeth pinching into Victor's muscles was a different sort of pain. "I get to talk because I like to hear myself talk," Rebekah laughed. "You're gagged because I don't give a fuck what you think."

With her head so close to his dick Rebekah was intimately aware of how soft the tied up man was. Good. She didn't want him even remotely enjoying this yet. The pain was its own sort of heady pleasure for Rebekah. With each jolt of anguish through Victor she felt a response of warmth in her clit. The warmth became a heady thrill with the knowledge that Victor wasn't turned on. Her sub was just putting up with whatever strange games she could come up with. If she bit him, over and over, in the same place for an hour, just bit him, would that be enough to get a safeword?

Rebekah spared Victor the torture of finding out how long he'd tolerate simple biting. After five minutes of littering Victor's inner thighs with teeth indentations Rebekah crawled up higher and straddled his crotch. Her spike heels dug into Vince's shins as she ground her crotch into his. Her jeans against his bare legs probably didn't feel very good either, but his dick stiffened from the attention. Rebekah felt Vince get hard between her pussy lips. She positioned her hands on his hips and threw her head back, pushing her chest forward. Without looking she knew his eyes were raking over her bra, wanting to see more.

"You'd love it if I rode you like this, wouldn't you?" She clenched her legs tight around his hips and ground her own hips into his crotch for emphasis. Rebekah tossed her long black hair with the sway of her head.

"Bouncing up and down on your dick," she mused aloud, imitating the gesture with the rise and fall of her hips. Rebekah let her voice soften as if she were getting lost in pleasure herself.

"Just riding you," she continued, hips rising and falling, grinding into his dick. With each bounce Rebekah could feel Victor's dick getting harder and straining against his boxers. "Moaning as I used you like a dildo."

"Oh god, you would feel so good," Rebekah gasped, letting her voice go up in pitch. "Right there, right inside of me," she said, raising her hips higher than she had before. She went up half a foot higher and slammed her hips down, ramming them into Victor's straining dick. He jolted at the pain. Since he couldn't quite get away Rebekah reached around and grabbed his balls through his boxers, crushing them between her palm.

"But that isn't going to happen," she said with a smile as she felt his balls flatten in her fist. Victor was scrambling to get away from her, but Rebekah leaned forward and dug her knees into the bed, keeping his hips locked beneath her. The cat toy jingled in V-whatever's hand but he didn't drop it.

"Because your dick isn't good enough for my pussy," Rebekah said, voice dropping back to normal. She ground his balls in her palm. With each press of her fingers they flattened and squished. It was like playing with bouncy balls, but the aim of the game was to tighten your grip as much as possible and squish the balls into the tiniest space. Victor's balls kept resisting being contorted into such small shapes, which only made Rebekah grind them against her palm harder.

"Your stupid, pathetic, dick," Rebekah went on, emphasizing each word with a painful squish. "Doesn't," squish, "deserve," squish, "to be," squish, "in my pussy," squish. If she wasn't careful there was going to be a splat soon.

Rebekah released her knees from their locked position around Victor's hips and she slid backwards to kneel between his legs.

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