Nicole has an experience with an angel in disguise.

ryAngel01: Nice ;) Maybe we should take care of it?

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: Yeah, let's trade pix ;)

Nicole and the mysterious stranger traded pics. When Nicole opened the file, she couldn't believe her eyes. The mysterious stranger looked a lot like Azrael! But it couldn't be!

"Angels can't take on human form just to simply mate with humans. Isn't that a sin against God? I know demons can take on human form, but I highly doubt angels would." Nicole thought to herself.

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: I think we should meet ;) I am visiting your area from out of town. I want to feel your brownish blonde hair in my hands and look into those soulful blue eyes. You are a truly beautiful woman, Nicole. And I know that you need a man's touch...

FairyAngel01: do you know my name???

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: Ok, I looked at your profile. It says your name is magic there!

FairyAngel01: Oh yeah, I forgot about that lol.

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: So do we have a date?

FairyAngel01: Sure, what is your name?

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: I'm sorry, but I'm not comfortable giving out my name. =(

Nicole didn't care that he didn't want to share his name. He looked a lot like Azrael and just thought that maybe it was him in disguise. Although Nicole's logic and skepticism would get the best of her, she just thought of this as a random meeting with someone who was very psychic.

FairyAngel01: So where shall we meet up?

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: How about that Starbuck's coffee shop that's on Miller and Court?

FairyAngel01: Ok that sounds good; I'll be there in about 10 minutes.

Azchocolatetanwithasmile: See you there :)

Nicole went and got dressed. She put on a hot pink spaghetti strap top with a white cardigan and picked out a denim mini-skirt and a pair of white platforms, since she was only 5'4". She figured the mysterious guy would be as tall as Azrael was in her vision.

Nicole then went downstairs, grabbed her keys and headed out to her 2000 Camaro. As she drove, she kept thinking about the mysterious stranger. Would he be a sexy, dark mysterious man or just some insane stalker? Or what if it was one of her friends playing a practical joke on her? She then arrived at her destination. As she walked inside the coffee house, she saw the mysterious stranger sitting at a table, drinking a latte', reading a book. The mysterious stranger was wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of black jeans.

"Hi, I'm Nicole," she said as she approached the mysterious stranger.

The mysterious stranger looked up and smiled. Just like Azrael, he had a flashy pearl of whites. The mysterious stranger put his book down, got up and took Nicole in his arms and gave her one of the most passionate kisses she's ever had. There was something also odd about him. He was very cool feeling. Not cold, just cool. Nicole's tongue played with the mysterious stranger's tongue. His breath smelled like coffee, but Nicole didn't care. She was feeling really wet between her legs, and was getting hot and bothered.

"Let's go somewhere more private." The mysterious stranger whispered, as he took Nicole's hand.

Nicole blindly followed the mysterious stranger.

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