Wife is drugged, impregnated in a recurring dream.

Jerome removed the empty glass from her hand.

"Hey don't you cry no more girl. That man don't know what he has in you. Hell any man would be a fool not to want you. Look at me now, you are a beautiful and sexy woman." Jerome lifted Kay's chin so that she was gazing into his eye's, there lips inches apart.

Alarm bells went off in Kay's head but her body seemed paralyzed as Jerome kissed her. Jerome's tongue darted into her mouth searching, probing. Kay closed her eye's and kissed him back. Part of Kay was conflicted with the fact she was kissing her best friends husband. Part of the conflict was in trying to remain faithful to Curt. The liquor and her state of mind rationalized those two issue away.

First, it had been a long time since she had felt the touch of a man and wasn't Jolene always telling her how good black men were in bed. "Oh Kay black lovers are the best. Once you go black. Black cocks are so thick, so big. black men are superior lovers in everyway." No this was as much Jolene's fault as anyone's.

Then there was Curt. According to Curt she was a slut. What was it he said, "Kay there's not even a mark on you, you didn't fight, you wanted it." Now she did want it and with that revelation she reached down and grasped Jerome's cock.

Jerome's cock felt thick and heavy as Kay's fingers closed around it. Instantly Kay felt herself becoming aroused. Jerome's thick lips covered her mouth, his tongue darting, hungry. Jerome's hands were busy too. Quickly they had slipped under her t-shirt to massage her milk filled tit's. Kay's nipples tingled as Jerome squeezed them, producing small droplets of milk.

Jerome's cock strained in his pants as he broke the kiss. "Dam girl lets take this to the bedroom." Taking Kay by the hand he led her back to the master bedroom.

"Jerome this isn't a very good idea, Jolene is my friend." Kay said, slurring her words,as she stopped short after entering the bedroom. Taking her hand Jerome placed it on his cock.

"Girl you know you've been wanting some black cock. Look how hard you got me. Your old man fucked up, he not here and you need a man. Now tell me you want me to leave." Jerome pulled her close and kissed her again as he felt Kay squeeze his cock.

This time there was no resistance. Kay's hand was filled with hard black cock and she wanted to feel it inside her. In moments she had unfastened Jerome's pants. Jerome was been busy too pulling Kay's t-shirt off exposing her milk filled tits. Falling into the bed Jerome wasted little time pulling down Kay's panties.

Kay's pussy was extremely wet as Jerome roughly massaged her slit. Then with little foreplay Jerome climbed on top of Kay. Kay felt for and took hold of Jerome's cock with her hand. Kay looking down got a good look at Jerome's cock as she guided his fat cock into position. Jerome extended his arms in the push up position. Jerome never tired of looking at the contrast of color between his black cock and a white woman's cunt.

"Look at my black cock baby, this is what you were meant for girl, not some skinny dicked whitie."

Kay felt Jerome's cock head begin to penetrate her pussy as Jerome tantalizingly teased her with short hard thrust. Jerome's cock was a longer than Curt's, maybe an inch and a half, but it was much thicker. Kay could feel her cunt lips stretch as Jerome's cock pushed deeper into her pussy. A twinge of pain jolted Kay causing her to whimper.

"Sorry about that I'll go slow." Jerome was relishing this fuck. He'd been wanting to fuck Kay since the moment he laid eye's on her. Kay on the other hand had always put him off like he was nonexistent. In fact Before Jolene got pregnant, Kay was constantly trying to set Jolene up with Curt's friends. Now he was going to show Kay what it meant to fuck a real man.

Slowly Kay grew accustom to Jerome's cock.

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