Crossing the barriers of professionalism.

She then pushed her palm flat against my chest and sent me back towards the bed, her sexy fuck me eyes glaring at me the entire time. I took a seat at the edge of the bed while she laid down a pillow and positioned herself between my knees. Without losing eye contact, she grabbed the shaft of my dick and enveloped the head with her mouth. She got to work immediately with her expert technique of slowly stroking with the firm grip of her hand while rhythmically bobbing her head up and down and swirling her tongue across the sensitive underside.

I pulled her hair away from her face and held it behind her head as she continued to work my dick with expert precision, still never breaking eye contact. Every time she sucks my dick, she always makes those sexy slurping sounds and emits these soft, little purring noises from the back of her throat that send vibrations down the shaft. If she really wanted to, she could make me cum in a couple of minutes doing this and as a matter of fact, has done exactly that on several occasions previously.

I had other plans though and didn't want to cum the first time too quickly so I made her stand up, get on the bed with me, and pulled her on top of me. Normally, the old 69 position isn't really a favorite of mine. In fact, I think its kinda lame and more of a punchline to a joke for adolescent teens than something adults actually do in the bedroom, but I knew if I could play with her pussy and that cute, little gem plug in her ass, I could effectively distract her enough to throw off her rhythm and not make this blowjob come to an untimely early end. The thing is I'm absolutely obsessed with this woman's pussy and ass. She's incredibly responsive to stimulation when she's turned on and by simply rubbing my thumb gently across the plug while pushing two fingers inside of her, she was already squirming on top of me and gasping in pleasure around my dick.

Within a few minutes, her pussy was soaking wet and all I could think about was fucking her. A quick addition of some latex and a position change later, and Kat was looking over her shoulder at me, presenting her absolutely perfect pussy and gem-filled ass while begging me to fuck her. This is my favorite position to take her because she is the absolute opposite of passive and within a few strokes, she was already throwing her ass back at me and as usual, the hottest filth I've ever heard was pouring out of her mouth.

"God, I love your cock."

"Smack my ass and fuck me."

"Pound me. Pound my pussy like you fucking own it."

This sort of verbal assault just doesn't ever stop with her. Between the constant commands to fuck her harder and throaty moans of pleasure, its the sexiest thing I've ever heard while fucking a woman.

Her pussy already feels amazing, even with the latex, but one of the main reasons why I love it when she uses a plug is that it creates even more pressure on my dick and makes the kegel-toned muscles of her pussy even more potent. The way she pushes her ass back on my dick and then grinds into me while contracting her muscles makes it feel like she's trying to milk the cum out of my cock. A few minutes of this is usually too much to handle if I haven't cum already and this time was no different. Her blowjob skills and sexy hips and ass pushing their way back into me, swallowing my entire cock whole into her exquisite pussy, made me shoot my first load into the condom with a few final, powerful thrusts into her. I collapsed onto the bed beside her and took a few moments to catch my breath while she stared at me with that huge smile that I'm accustomed to seeing.

"Its back. You're smiling again. You feeling better?" I asked while running my hands all over her perfect body.

"Yea, I'm fine. Sometimes I just need someone who makes me feel better when I need it, just like I do for others, you know?"

"Well come here, I have something else that might make you feel better," I said as I grabbed her and pulled her petite frame onto me.

Kat might not ever admit it for sake the of my ego and my kinky d

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