Negleted woman gives into temptation with a coworker.

He promptly covered her mouth with his and pushed his tongue through her soft lips. She let out a muffled cry of refusal and tried to push him away, but he held her tight with one arm around her waist and his other hand taking hold of her hair.

Finally, after struggling for as long as she could, her body began to react. Bit by bit, her mouth and tongue began to reciprocate his kiss, her arms went from trying to push him away to wrapping around him, and her groans of rejection turned into those of pleasure. His hands began to roam over her body and he quickly undid her jacket and slid it off her shoulders and onto the floor. Their kiss turned more passionate as he moved his hands across her heaving bosom and then down over her ass. His cock throbbed as he felt the outline of her panties and the top of her thigh-high stockings.

Unable to wait any longer, without warning he broke their lip-lock and pulled her over to the nearby desk and bent her over, his hands quickly finding their way back to her skirt and forcefully hiking it up to her waist. Just as swiftly, he then took hold of her panties and pulled them down her toned legs. He knew this was the point of no return, but he also knew that he had to have this woman, married co-worker and mother of two, or not.

"Hurry," she encouraged, to his surprise and delight, "before I change my mind." He was already undoing his belt and pulling his pants down when she added, "Fuck me... before it's too late."

Holding his stiff prick in his hand, he touched the head of his dick to the lips of her cunt and rubbed it gently over the wet slit. Slowly he began to push his cock deep inside of her until his whole shaft disappeared and then he gradually withdrew his entire length and pressed in again. Repeating the motions several times, he heard a satisfied moan start to emit from deep in her throat.

"Fuck me," she groaned with obvious pleasure. "Fuck me good."

With no more encouragement needed, he began to fuck her in earnest. His hands took hold of her skirt bunched up around her waist and he plunged in and out of her pussy with increasing force. She gladly matched his rhythm, thrusting her hips back to meet each of his pumps. It did not take long before he was slamming into her as hard as he could. One of his arms reached forward and took a handful of her blonde mane, pulling her up against him and allowing his other hand the chance to wrap around her body and paw at her bouncing bosom. He could sense that her orgasm was imminent. As if on cue, she let out a guttural cry and her body began to writhe beneath him as he pounded in to her as fast as he could. She rocked her hips back and forth as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Her body still shuddering from her explosion, he pulled his still rock hard dick from her now dripping cunt and directed her onto the bed. Donna tried to catch her breath as she watched her new lover finally undress in front of her. He was a handsome young man, she thought to herself as he undid his dress shirt and revealed his muscular chest, with boyish good looks and an athletic build that her husband had not had in years. Part of her already felt guilty about her infidelity, but a bigger part of her told her that she should enjoy it, consequences be damned. There was no doubt in her mind which part she was going to listen to.

Now completely nude, he joined her on the bed and started to kiss his way up her body, removing her camisole and bra as he went. His hands massaged her plentiful breasts and their lips met briefly before he made his way down to her chest and sucked one of her large brown nipples into his mouth. Next he climbed up her body and straddled her chest, her gorgeous boobs falling to either side as he laid his cock in between them.

"Fuck me with those big tits." He directed, happy to see her hands moving to cup her tits together over his prick even before he told her to.

She moaned loudly as he reached back and b

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