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Couple fulfills friend's fantasy of non-consent.

Still turned with her back to her audience, Eve wiggled her hips and slowly shimmied her tight black pants over her hips and down her legs. She arched her bare back and smiled over her shoulder, thrilled with the attention she was getting from her partner and the bound woman.

Eve kicked away the trousers and spread her legs, bending over to show off the crotchless panties covering her lovely ass. Sara groaned at the sight of Eve's exposed bald cunt and Daniel smiled, thrusting a finger into Sara's dripping pussy. Sara whimpered at the invasion, her eyes rolling with pleasure.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Daniel whispered into Sara's ear.

Without taking her eyes off the strip tease, Sara nodded.

Eve turned around and covered her tits with her hands, leaving a little bit of nipple to slip between her fingers, teasing her audience. She swayed her hips and sauntered over to Daniel and Sara. Squeezing her thighs tight, she twisted into a crouch worthy of a world class stripper, then dropped her hands from her tits and gripped her knees, pushing them open to expose her moist cunt framed by the black lace crotchless panties directly in front of Sara's face.

"Do you want to fuck her?" Daniel whispered to Sara.

Again, the gagged woman nodded.

"Then you should have been talking to me, not Eve," Daniel said.

Sara whipped her head around to stare at him, eyes wide with worry.

"You see, I'm the one who decides who Eve fucks," he informed her.

"And I'm the one who decides who Daniel fucks," Eve added.

Sara groaned and closed her eyes, fearing she had made a terrible mistake and her friends were only here to teach her a lesson.

"But Eve has been a very naughty girl. She chloroformed you and didn't follow the plan," Daniel said. If Eve could stray from the plan he intended to do the same. Sara's eyes flew open to gaze at him with hope. "I think she needs to be punished, don't you, Sara?"

The gagged woman quickly looked to Eve, who was biting her lip and dipping a finger down her body to play with her clit while she eagerly waited for her verdict. Sara's eyes were glued to Eve's fingers playing at her cunt and slowly nodded.

"Good," Daniel chuckled. "Eve, straddle her face."

"Yes, sir," Eve happily responded and swiftly climbed over Sara's head, resting her thighs on either side of Sara's face. Eve's pussy came to rest a breath away from Sara's face.

"Good girl," Daniel whispered.

He pulled Eve's head back by her hair and she moaned, then he ran a palm down her back and over her ass. She wiggled her hips anticipating her punishment.


Eve sucked in a gasp and instinctively arched her back. Daniel gently caressed his red hand print heating her pale ass. He repeated the process another dozen times. With each spank she pushed her ass back in the spanking, leaning lower and lower over Sara's face. By the end of the punishment Eve's cunt was dripping all over Sara's face and gagged mouth.

Daniel pushed Eve forward just enough for Sara to get a good look then leaned in and licked from her clit to her puckered ass. Sara and Eve both groaned. He continued to feast on Eve's cunt, lapping at her clit and tonguing her ass.

"Oh god, that feels so good," Eve said with a sigh.

Sara watched him eat the cunt she had been dying to taste, panting through the gag in her mouth while Eve moaned and wiggled, pushing her hips back into his face. Daniel reached down and thrust two fingers deep into Sara's wet cunt, curling his fingers and fucking her with his hand while he ate at Eve's pussy. Sara moaned and restlessly writhed, trying to break free of her bonds, to touch, lick and join the couple fucking her.

Their bound friend began to shake and her cunt clenched on Daniel's fingers. Sara screamed through her gag as her first orgasm rocked through her. He gave Eve's clit one final suck and pulled his fingers from Sara's gushing cunt.

"Turn around, sweetie," he ordered with a playful smack on Eve's ass.

Eve quickly sp

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