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Sally & John get dressed up.

I slowly pushed my finger deeper and deeper. I could hear Sally start to moan as she always does when she starts to cum. By now her black panties were soaked with my saliva, and it was easy to rub the tip of my tongue against her clit. Sally pressed my skirt-covered head against her cunt and started to tremble. I had to hold tight to her ass as she nearly fell off the chair. As she came to orgasm, I could hold on no longer, My cock spurted the white liquid all over the back of her dress. Gently, I slid my finger out of her ass and lifting her dress for air, I laid her on the sofa.

Sally sat up and twisted to look at her dress.

"Shit!" she exclaimed, "you've got spunk all over my dress, now I'll have to change".

And with that she dashed upstairs. I also made my way upstairs. I had bought a cheap overall that day and undressing, put on a black g-string that went well with my tanned skin and then the thin overall. It felt weird as I actually felt quite naked. Sally came into the bedroom wearing a low back orange evening dress with light tan high-heeled shoes.

"Very nice she said," and with that she fondled my balls and cock through the paper like material. "I'd like to rip it off now, but the taxi will be here in a few minutes."

- Part 2 -

We had a pretty good time at the party. We all went heavily into our roles, which was great for me as my character liked his alcohol. Sally pretended not to know me, but every time she passed me, she would quickly fondle my cock or rub my ass on passing. It was a good job that my outfit was quite baggy as it could have been very embarrassing! It turned out that I was the murderer, but nobody caught me. At about midnight we caught a taxi and headed home.

As we walked through the door, I pushed Sally against the wall and pressed my stiff cock up against her. I reached around behind her and slowly rubbed her velvet buttocks. Sally reached around and grabbed my own tight buttocks, sticking her fingers into my muscles through the minimum protection of the suit I was wearing. We made our way up to the bedroom, where Sally told me to stand. She unzipped the suit and eased it down over my chest, arms and then legs. Kneeling in front of me, she grabbed the side of my G-string and lowered it to the floor. Within seconds I was naked. The exhibitionist in me took over. I suggested she took pictures of me. Sally turned to the chest of drawers and took out our digital camera. I lay back on the bed, my hand taking hold of my cock. Sally stood at the end of the bed and took two ordinary pictures as well as one close up.

Now it was my turn. I told Sally to lay on the bed, bring her knees up and spread her knees. Sally did so, and lifted the hem of her dress. She was wearing flesh-coloured stockings, but no panties. Her pussy lips glistened. I took a quick picture, and then Sally started to play with her clit. I took a few more. After a few minutes I asked Sally to turn over, doggy style. My first shot was a beautiful picture of her in her orange dress, the tight thick velvet clinging to her buttocks. Slowly she slid the dress up her nylon legs and flicked it over her back. I took a few photos of her naked ass and then asked her to turn once more onto her back. Lying next to her I put my lips to her mouth and prised my tongue between her moist lips. With my left hand, I placed two fingers into the by now very wet cunt. Slowly I moved my fingers in and out. Sally moved her hips in time to my thrusts, and with her right hand gently rubbed my cock. Suddenly she turned over onto her hands and knees again and without a word, took my cock into her open mouth. This was an opportunity I could not resist. Reaching over, I fumbled for the camera and took two photos of Sally's mouth taking in my cock.

The final act had arrived.

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