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What happens on the second half of the drive to college!

"It's cool, Dad. Mom and I will be fine" (Fine all alone in my dorm as we fuck!) I sneered to myself.

Mom finished her light meal first and excused herself to the ladies' room to "freshen up", whatever that meant. I finished my plate soon after and was antsy to get back on the road, but of course Dad took his sweet ass time.

Finally he finished his greasy plate and was chewing on a toothpick when Mom emerged from the restroom. Something about her was different, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it just then (later pun intended).

"You sure that one plate of pancakes was enough for you, sport? Maybe we ought to order some more stuff for the road? I really don't want to stop again to eat, it'll be getting to sunset soon and we're still only halfway to your school" Dad asked. He stepped outside and lit a smelly cigar.

"Yes, Michael. You're always getting hungry after a couple hours, don't lie. Must be all that youthful energy and metabolism! Go on ahead with your Dad, I'll order some more food from the waitress." Mom fished her wallet out of her small purse then quickly snapped it shut.

I shrugged a "whatever" and turned for the door.

"Oh, and Michael?" I quickly twirled around and walked back to her.

"Be a dear and put Mommy's purse back in the trunk." I turned to go, she yanked me back.

"I think you'll find a nice little surprise in there if you take a look..." she whispered.

My interest was piqued.

With a final tug, she looked up at my eyes, then suggestively down to my crotch.

"And make sure you're all "settled in" before I get back..." she mewed, one of her fingers just barely grazing the waistband of my shorts, pulling at it a little, as I got her message.

I quickly rushed outside to our car, more to get the hell out the place before I popped a boner right in the middle of that diner for all to see.

When I got to the trunk to put away Mom's purse, I immediately snapped it open to see what the "surprise" was she had for me.

My jaw dropped at what I saw. There inside her purse were her white cotton panties! She was completely nude right now underneath her thin summer dress. Looking closely at the fabric, I could see a moist spot staining the crotch: our combined juices-her cream and my seed-had seeped obscenely out of her cunt.

It was instant hardon.

I chuckled to myself as it dawned on me what that subtle change that had come over Mom was a few minutes ago...I'd be putting more than my fingers on THAT pretty soon. More like my fat cock IN that!

Impatiently, I got back to my front seat and waited for Dad to finish his smelly cigar and Mom to get back. Even the cigar might be a blessing in disguise, I thought, maybe it'll cover up some scents...

Remembering Mom's other request to "settle" myself in, I anxiously slipped my thumbs in my waistband and slid my basketball shorts down to my ankles. Thankfully our car's side windows are tinted so no one outside could see this horny 18-year old sitting in the front seat with a lewd erection tenting proud and tall from his crotch!
Dad finished his cigar, got in and warmed up the car. Yup that stinky cigar would definitely help to mask some odors. After what seemed like forever, Mom finally came out carrying a white paper bag with the food.

"Oh!" Mom mouthed silently at me as she opened my door. She quickly handed me the bag and got in, once more sitting atop me before anyone else saw.

"I'll let you two get settled in, just let me know when you all is ready." Dad said cluelessly as he fumbled with the wipers and headlights.

I set the bag on the floor, and adjusted the seat backwards to make a little room. I lifted Mom up by her thighs and she placed her little feet on the dashboard, grabbing a hold of the hem of her short skirt. She hitched them up higher to her waist, my hands following and eventually resting atop hers as I slowly and gingerly lowered her bare ass onto my throbbing cock.

Both of us let out a barely audible, pleasure-filled sigh as once more my hard, naked dick made contact with

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