Sexy slut belittles boytoy.

I pulled myself back up so that you could see my face as I started to talk dirty to you, and see my breasts as I started to play with them the way you liked.

I quickly snapped open my black leather vest, allowing my ample tits to pop out into my hands. Had I been wearing a bra, it would have been size 36D - but of course a bra wasn't part of this outfit. You wanted me to look like I was dressed for this kind of business, ready for sex at any time. As I stroked my breasts, occasionally licking or pinching a nipple, I started talking to you, my slutty, horny glance shifting from your eyes to your cock, enjoying your reactions as I spoke.

I told you about all of the other men I had sucked and fucked since the last time I saw you. Told you about having my pussy and my mouth fucked at the same time. Told you I was a slut, with a never-ending need to have every one of my holes penetrated by big, hard cocks. Told you how tiny your cock was compared to all of the others I'd sucked and fucked. Told you there was no way you would ever be able to satisfy a woman - especially a cock-happy slut like me.

You were stroking your cock furiously now, and I was turned on as well, although to keep up the act I had to force myself to act bored, as if you were barely keeping me interested. You gave me the little nod that indicated you were ready for me to suck your cock again - you wanted a little break from my demeaning dirty talk. So I indulged you: hot as I was for some reciprocity, I again bent down over your cock and gave it some attention, this time using my hands along with my mouth.

As I tickled your balls with one hand and jacked off the bottom of your shaft with the other, you began thrusting your hips so that your cock filled more and more of my mouth, and eventually reached down into my throat, gagging me with its length. I wanted to whimper and beg for mercy, but again had to keep up the act, so I let you continue thrusting until you were ready to stop so that you could move on to another of my waiting holes.

As you pushed up my tight leather mini skirt and shoved my panties to one side, you asked me to start talking again. Talking again about all of the cock I had been enjoying, how I couldn't even count the number of guys I'd been with since seeing you last, and I how I doubted you could measure up. I dared you to try to satisfy me, to fill me with your pitiful cock. As I talked, you were stroking my soaking wet pussy with your fingers, and it was all I could do to maintain my deep sexy voice and not let out the higher-pitched whimpers that revealed my true feelings.

"Do you really think you can satisfy a slut like me with that tiny little cock of yours? I doubt it. I've had so much bigger, so much better - I probably couldn't even feel you inside me."

That did it. Suddenly, you shoved the fingers that had been in exploring my pussy into my mouth, forcing me to stop talking, and pulled me down onto your cock. I gasped as I tasted myself and felt your throbbing cock deep in my pussy all at once. As you moved your fingers in and out of my mouth, I began slowly moving up and down on your cock. But you wanted more dirty talk, didn't you? You let your fingers slip from my mouth, lingering briefly on my pouty lips, and said, simply, "Talk."

With your hands now on my hips, encouraging my motion as I fucked your cock, I started talking dirty once again. Fighting my desire to moan, to whimper, to squeal as you stroked deep into my pussy, I instead told you that you should be embarrassed at your performance. This pitiful fucking of yours might satisfy those 'nice girls', but did nothing for a cock-whore like me. I had been pounded by the best of them, and you didn't even begin to measure up. You'd have to try harder if you had any hope of making up for your inadequacy. "Come on, is that all you've got? Can't your tiny little cock fuck me any better than that?"

My words turning us both on, we were now fucking hard and fast.

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